Biocom Technologies teams up with Rijuven for pilot study on SAP employee wellness program

Biocom Technologies collaborates with Rijuven to provide Rejiva; a wireless biofeedback patch to SAP employees.

Online PR News – 14-May-2015 – Washington State – Biocom Technologies; a global leader in the manufacture of HRV technologies and products, has collaborated with Rijuven; a new medical device innovator and manufacturer, to provide a wireless biofeedback patch called Rejiva to SAP employees. SAP is the market leader in providing enterprise application software to organizations in over 25 industries. Rejiva will be handed out to SAP employees as part of a pilot program developed to encourage employees to monitor their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
SAP Global Health Management which is a department in the SAP, committed to the health and safety of SAP employees has developed this program to encourage employees to monitor their stress levels and health. SAP Global Health Management is dedicated to ensuring occupational safety and work-life balance for SAP employees.
Rejiva is the first of its kind wireless biofeedback patch that reflects your current health and also provides a prognosis for your future health condition. It does so by evaluating autonomic function through heart rate variability analysis.
Heart rate variability is the variation in the time intervals between successive heartbeats. Heart rate variability analysis provides an objective measurement of the function of the autonomic nervous system which is responsible for the regulation of physiological processes and maintenance of health. High heart rate variability is said to be reflective of a well-functioning autonomic nervous system whereas low heart rate variability is connected to autonomic dysfunction. Autonomic dysfunction denotes poor health and susceptibility to cardiovascular problems and other health conditions.
Rejiva; the wireless biofeedback patch designed to assess health and stress levels, will be given to SAP employees. Rejiva can be synchronized to smartphone applications as well as user-friendly desktop or online platforms.
According to Mark Ferris, President, Biocom Technologies, “Heart rate variability analysis has gathered steam as an effective technique for assessing your overall well-being as well as a prognostic indicator of potential health conditions. We believe that quality data and accurate analytical tools are imperative to performing valid health evaluations. This is where Rejiva comes in. It is an easy-to-use tool that captures overall health and serves to guide a healthy lifestyle.”
Rejiva measures heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, sleep position, restfulness, breathing index and energy levels. The functionalities of the device include stress parameter tracking and sleep quality tracking based on heart rate variability analysis.
Biocom Technologies and Rijuven will work together to provide comprehensive monitoring and reporting of the employee wellness program conducted by SAP as part of a pilot study on the program.
Biocom Technologies was founded in 1996 and is now a global leader in the research and development of heart rate variability software and devices for the needs of researchers, consumers and corporate services, among others.
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