Majed Abdeljaber’s Sahara’s Secrets Presents a Fantastic Range of Cosmetic Products

The Majed Abdeljaber owned 2002 company of Sahara’s Secrets presents customers with wide ranging beauty products.

Online PR News – 14-May-2015 – Richardson TX – The 2002 launched company of Sahara’s Secrets is essentially an ancillary of Sahara’s Holding Company, Inc. Majed Nader Abdeljaber, who is a prominent businessman and philanthropist owns the company. He owns stakes, shares in almost nine companies and plays an active role in numerous other prominent establishments. Some of the renowned companies are Nation Auto Group, American Immigration Law Center, Abdeljaber and Associates along with American International Staffing. This proficient businessman is the CEO and President of Sahara’s Holding Company Inc. He has dedicated his life and career in overseeing the numerous aspects of this organization and its subsidiary, Sahara’s Secrets.

The Sea is quite renowned for its healing prowess and mineral properties. The concentration of high salt in this seabed has led researchers to claim it as the saltiest lake. The healing propensities are essentially due to the saline feature of the Sea. It has numerous advantageous features and works wonders on the skin. Cleansing of pores, soothing skin cells, accelerating the metabolism of skin cells, balancing of minerals are some positive features. Dermatologists working for the Majed Abdeljaber owned Sahara’s Secrets fundamentally utilize these beneficial properties for developing cosmetic products. Skin doctors and analysts ensure the strict prohibition of testing on animals which is indeed a very positive feature.

Other advantageous propensities of the Ded Sea include optimum reduction of wrinkles, blood circulation stimulation, detoxification of skin cells, etc. Elements from the seabed are also utilized as an ideal stretch mark remedy. Notable therapeutic properties of this seabed are renowned for treating eczema, psoriasis, fluid retention and osteoarthritis. Eminent dermatologists approve all the cosmetic and beauty products manufactured by this successful company. The creams and cosmetic are safe for using on every skin type and are unlikely to cause any allergic reaction, as well. Making use of natural ingredients is another integral point, worth considering.

Beauty products are free from the harmful chemical like paraben and have the added, beneficial feature of Sun Protection Factor. The organization has a primary aim of presenting clients and customers with the optimality of packaging along with a regular launch of new products. The advantageous propensities of the Ded Sea are effectively integrated with the cosmetic products of Majed Abdeljaber’s company. The cosmetic company is renowned for manufacturing beauty products that utilize pure elements from Ded Sea. A wide-ranging plethora of anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle creams, facial washes, bathing salts, sea salt soaks are available on the official website. Also present are optimal products like exfoliating scrubs, body washes, repair creams, oil treatments and moisturizing lotions.

The web portal that consists of the beauty products is indeed a comprehensive site. It presents features like components, prices, specification and directions for using the creams and oils. For the convenience of the customer, Majed Abdeljaber has introduced a proficient customer care service. If the clients have any issues or queries, then they can easily contact the web personnel with a guarantee of response within twenty-four hours. Another notable aspect of Sahara’s Secrets is that people can easily opt for becoming either an agent or whole seller for the company. The products are made from top-notch ingredients and are available at affordably priced rates.