English To Russian Dictionary Broadcast for IOS app

This innovative English to Russian Translate Dictionary is an offline application which you can use everywhere and every time without the internet access.

Online PR News – 14-May-2015 – Russia – This innovative English to Russian Translate Dictionary is an offline application which will contribute to the development of your language skills anywhere and anytime without the internet demand. This highly qualified application is full of one and a half million words and is customized only for iPhone, iPod and iPad touch.
Having no requirement of internet access, this bilingual dictionary will enable you to investigate Foreign Languages in a thorough way.

English to Russian Translate Dictionary has numerous eye-catching features, which is so important for you to know. They are:
• Discovering the translation variants of English words and phrases, as well as finding word definitions.
• Helping you to study structural relationships in a foreign language and the grammatical functions of words by bringing example sentences with each word you are searching.
• Deepening your understanding of verb conjugations, spelling, pronunciation as well as word formations and the origins of words.
• Giving you a comprehensive knowledge of technical translations in addition to slang terms, idiomatic forms and phrasal verbs.
• Finding synonyms and antonyms of the dictionary entries by having approximately 1015331 synonym word count at your disposal.
• Offering you a window of opportunity to save unlimited number of unknown words in a section called “Favorites”.
This bilingual offline application is made in mind for our users’ convenience, which they can use regardless of the internet existence.
So, bury yourself in a Foreign Languages by having this up-to-date application on your device.