The new redesigned dialer by Loway: “WombatDialer 0.9” is out.

Loway released today the new version of its famous dialer for Asterisk call-centers

Online PR News – 15-May-2015 – Stabio – Over 80 items were added or improved as a result of months of developing, usability testing and tuning.

Support for multiple languages (Spanish, Italian, German and Russian) has been added and the GUI has been mostly
rewritten to make it easier to use and to maintain the suite.

Campaigns have been revamped and now you can:

* Control dynamic boosting from the Live page
* Have finer control on the time periods a campaign is supposed to run
* Control what happens when a call terminates its reschedule cycle through Disposition Rules
* Assign default dialplan variables for each campaign
* Turn on or off AMD and Fax detection by controlling them at the Campaign level.

Call lists have been improved as well; it is now possible to add a number to a blacklist for a specific amount of time.
Also, given the popularity of preview dialing, Loway added a number of changes to make
reverse preview campaigns easier and safer to run.
Agent interaction is made easier by allowing the setting of extended status and
attributes on calls that were recently terminated.
The new WombatDialer has also been made easier to integrate thanks to a rich set of JSON webservices

WombatDialer 0.9 is available now and can be installed automatically using yum or as a stand-alone Docker container.
Try the 0.9 today with a free 30-day evaluation key: