Bedroom TV Problem Finally Solved. If You Have a TV in Your Bedroom, You Need to Read This.

New line of bedroom dedicated TV mounts are the only commercially available product that enables ergonomic TV installation for a person lying in bed.

Online PR News – 15-May-2015 – Madera / CA – Long ago families used to have only one TV at home. But today, since TVs are getting cheaper by the minute, we additionally install them outside of the living room. It's no surprise to find a set in other places, including in the bedroom. Lying in bed and watching TV before turning in has become common practice for many people, and you're not alone: in recent surveys, almost 90% of Americans admitted to watching TV in bed.

Some say that TVs may be bad for sleep. But there's nothing that winds down the day like watching some news before you doze off. On the other hand it's true: watching TV in bed can be bad for your body. The reason is simple - the standard location of the TV in the bedroom does not fit together with the lying position of the viewer. A viewer is forced to raise his head in the direction of the screen, pile up some pillows, wrap into pretzels, which leads into neck pain and restricted breathing. More advanced solutions like adjustable bed or angled glasses are all against the whole principle of rest and relaxation.

The good news is, there is a solution. We found the way to move comfortable living room arrangement to the bedroom.

According to the rules of ergonomics a TV screen should be installed in place where we naturally fix our sight. Anyone lying in bed discovers that they look at an angle of 45 degrees, somewhere on the ceiling right above the end of the bed.

Nemat, a California based company recently introduced in the US a new line of bedroom dedicated TV mounts. These mounts are the only commercially available product that enables ergonomic TV installation for a person lying in bed. The new mounts sell well in Europe under Sigden brand name, the production and sale just begun in the USA.

It is worth mentioning the additional benefits of such installation. The TV will not only be at an optimal distance from the viewer but also the space in front of the bed will be freed up for additional piece of furniture such as a wardrobe, dressing table etc.

The positive user and distributors reviews from all over Europe confirm the advantages of this set-up.

“I considered Sigden mounts to be a niche product, but surprisingly our sale in Europe is more than satisfactory”
Mark Johannes, COO - DQ Webshops BV (Main Sigden European distributor)

Sigden mounts are available in virtually all European countries and now also in the USA.