Japan's New Education Research Association Announces Intention to Expand Overseas

Starting at the age of 19, Mr. Fukumori created his own cram school. 20 years later, he runs 200 classrooms around Japan with many around the Kansai area.

Online PR News – 18-May-2015 – Osaka,Japan – Toshiyuki Fukumori – The sole-creator of Japan's most successful leadership education schools.

Starting at the age of 19, Mr. Fukumori created his own cram school. 20 years later, he runs 200 classrooms around Japan with many around the Kansai area, with over 10,000 students. He is also the leader of Japan's best special leadership campus, "Kyoto University tutoring institute", which has been an overwhelming success.

Born in Osaka, the 41 year old education guru is not only creating incredible successes but has become a well-known business man for his efforts, a rarity in Japan.

An example of his efforts is he refuses to take profit from his company. From entirely his own pocket he donates to the Japanese Red Cross and a huge variety of other causes and institutions including public service organizations, municipalities, universities and more. His efforts have since been rewarded a special medal by the Japanese Emperor.

He also takes education, job creation and taxes as opportunities to contribute to society, so he found value in not only educating children in his tutoring schools, but also hiring many teachers and educating them.
He believes paying taxes is important, a distinct difference from companies which work as hard as they can to pay as little taxes as possible.

Due to the growing number of students, Fukumori has had to hire many teachers, but he made a revolution in the education business as he trains them into great educators.

In order to maintain a high level of education, no matter the teacher, teaching materials have been carefully planned and created. As long as the teacher has some form of background in education, they can be guided to easily create the excellent quality that is expected from the schools.

With schools running smoothly and materials tuned to perfection, Fukumori began to focus on improving the power of management, by spending 3 years studying the details of management know-how. All the while trying to share management philosophy awareness around the entire company.

As a result, he has created the leading tutoring school business in the country, and if that wasn't enough, is now setting his sights on spreading his ideas overseas.

Recently, by making connections with the Japan-British Society and the Canada-Japan Society Fukumori has been exploring the possibilities of expanding into these countries and is looking for locations in which to create schools.

Due to this, Fukumori is looking forward to being able to offer detailed support from the New Education Research Association in western countries such as Canada and the UK.

With the present opportunity to expand worldwide, Mr. Fukumori envisions making big strides towards creating special leadership tutoring in every country.

Company Information: New Education Research Association, Inc.
Representative Director Toshiyuki Fukumori
Business Operation and development of teaching materials and tutoring schools

Founded in March 1993
Established in December 1996
Capital 40 million yen (other capital reserves 10 million yen)
Number of classrooms Approx. 200 schools
Number of students Approx.10 000 people
Around the Kansai and Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Shiga, crams school, which boast a large number of schools in areas such as Aichi, Okayama, Ehime
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New Education Research Association, Inc.
TEL: 06-6352-3910 Contact: Ms. Ora
Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka Higashitenma 1-chome 10-12 Shin Nippon Tenma Building, Office 201.

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