22K Collective Website and Marketing System Launches on May 11, 2015

The 22K Collective is the new website and marketing system for TiDOM Incorporated, a direct sales company of high end products in the areas of self improvement

Online PR News – 15-May-2015 – usa – The 22K Collective is the new website and marketing system for TiDOM Incorporated, a direct sales company of high end products in the areas of self improvement, business development and marketing, and health and wellness. Self-help is a billion dollar industry in the US and growing. Finding an area with high potential for growth and profits is the first step of any would-be business man or woman. The potential for large incomes in this area is one of the main reasons why 22K Collective founder, Scott Miller chose to purvey in high end self-help products.

“One of the key differences between our system and some of the others with 'millionaire' in their name is that we actually are direct sales, with a huge potential for mid six figure incomes with a higher end product line,” Scott tells us. “We are selling high end self-help, wellness, and marketing products. When our members purchase from an affiliate they have everything they need to own and operate an online business. They have everything they need to get up and running. Many of the members the 22K Collective use these same products we are selling to build their own network of B2B sites, while others are content to resell the packages. We're marketing a system, but at the end of the day we're selling a product.”

Health, wealth, and happiness—that's the motto of TiDOM. Those in the 22K Collective and members of TiDOM can use the system they receive to build B2B self-help websites replete with affiliate sales or resell the kit to others to create an online engine of selling that not only earns themselves and their family a large monthly income, but also puts out into the world products that better the lives of those who enjoy them. The sales of these training product packages earn TiDOM sales reps commissions ranging from $2,0000 to $22,000 each, enabling them to start their home based business and instantly see returns on their investment. The 22K Collective takes this same methodology and grow its potential even further by augmenting the marketing and sales system into a line that literally sells itself.

“With the new system we're removing individual failure from the equation, and thereby reducing risk for our members,” Scott tells us. “The old motto was 'Health, Wealth, and Happiness.' Our new mantra takes that a step further, 'Make Your Life One Endless Weekend.' When we reduce risk, reduce effort, reduce labor and still make you money, what else can you call it?”

Make Your Life One Endless Weekend aptly describes the new marketing system. Although it is based off of the TiDOM Inc model, the 22K Collective is Miller's most refined program to date. Miller worked off the premise that not everyone is a natural at sales. He was able to remove the individual failure from the equation by having the system do all the talking. Now reps can be fully removed from the process and allow the marketing machine do all of its selling and explaining. Members using this system have been able to generate significant incomes in the mid 6 to 7 figure range annually using their proprietary marketing strategy.

NOW with the soon to be launched online website marketing system it is going to make it even easier for members to generate huge incomes from home. Risk and time have become so reduced with this new program that the “Make Your Life One Endless Weekend” could become be a reality for many.

For more information on the 22K Collective or TiDOM Inc, visit 22kCollective.com

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