Tidom Inc. Launches 22K Collective’s Website And Marketing System

Tidom Inc., an eminent company providing business opportunities to individuals, has launched its 22K Collective’s new website and marketing system.

Online PR News – 15-May-2015 – New York, NY – Tidom Inc. launched its new website in small press meet here today. Owned by Scott Miller, the company is offering the most successful business opportunity of the 21st century. Tidom Inc. is a direct sales organization offering support and products for self-improvement, business development and marketing, and health and wellness training, with commissions ranging from $2 000 to $22 000.

According to sources, the 22K Collective system has been able to produce huge incomes (six to seven figure annual incomes) for its members due to its proprietary marketing strategy. The strategy removes individual failure from the equation as the system does the selling. Now with its online website marketing system, Tidom Inc. is making it even simpler for its members to earn huge incomes from home. The three primary competitors of this system are the Millionaire Marketing Machine, the Secret Success Machine and the Direct Pay System; all offer fewer opportunities with lower commissions.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson for Tidom Inc. said, “We are excited to announce the launch of our 22K Collective website and marketing system. We are making it easier for our members to generate money from the comfort of their home. Our system is actually a millionaire marketing machine that offers higher commissions and better opportunities than other programs on the market.” He further added, “We aim to help people live better lives. This program is useful for all business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to earn huge incomes. Our company is dedicated to providing everyone who join us the chance to access the best resources for success in business and in life.”

The 22K Collective program offers its members a number of formulas and plans. The system includes a copywriting crash course, conversion rates with sales videos, traffic generation secrets and simple tricks to attract 10 percent more subscribers to mailing lists, plus more. The copywriting crash course teaches members how to sell their products using text and images.

The program also offers useful video training lessons, particularly designed to teach members how to manage, grow and automate a social media presence. There are also a number of marketing modules with 20 videos in the digital library section. All the methods and techniques are proven and have been used successful by members over the past few years. These step-by-step tricks are helpful for users to maximize their social media presence.

The system also provides three audios for boosting the self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional intelligence. These audios provide support to members in living happier and better lives. The meditation series consists of 20 videos that help members understand the complex secrets of achieving life goals and sharing these tools with others. The system is ideal for everyone including internet marketers, business owners, life coaches, network marketers, personal development enthusiasts, web publishers, content publishers, self-improvement bloggers, writers and many more.

About Tidom Inc.

Tidom Inc. is a determined, progressive and innovative company with a mission to help people live richer and more rewarding lives. This is a skilled community of health conscious people and successful business owners who provide the guidance and opportunity for people across the globe to achieve success in their home businesses.

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Contact Person: Scott Miller
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