Resource Team Co. Expands Merchandise Into Alizco’s Dr Fixit Products

Dr. Fixit Building solutions,the trusted name is now available at Resource Team Company for Builders and Home owners craving for nothing less than quality.

Online PR News – 12-May-2015 – Yaba/Lagos – Resource Team Co. (The Builders World), a variety store for Building and Construction Materials in Nigeria is pleased to announce its expansion into project distributorship and application deal with Alzico Limited for the range of Dr. Fixit’s Products

Resource Team Co. has over the time been known as the home of all the builders and home owners in the provision of all major accessories and equipment required to make the house complete from start to finish. These products range from doors to lights, sanitary wares, stainless steels, wooden floor sheets, tiles, windows, glass blocks, chemicals amongst others.
She prides herself in promoting and providing quality products from various manufacturers and in offering discounted prices as well as prompt delivery in and around Lagos hence, if what you want is QUALITY building materials as well as building solutions to all types of building defect, then look no further because that is what we represent in Resource Team Company.
In addition to these offerings, Resource Team Co. will now provide her existing and potential clients with more quality products and services as Dr. Fixit products are known all over the world as a brand that can be trusted for all types of solutions ranging from water proofing, coatings and paints, building repairs, performance flooring, sealants, tile fixing, concrete admixture, grouting and anchors among many others hence, builders, architects and home owners need not fret anymore over wall or foundation cracks, ground water seepage, disrepair, dampness lighting, roofing, substructure, walls, flooring and so on.
“We are thrilled to be affiliated with Resource Team Co. as the Company is nationally known and respected as a leader in the sales and distribution of quality building materials across the Country and we are certain that with this initiative; Builders, Real Estate Developers and Home owners across the country will now heave a sigh of relief” said Shery Matthew, Marketing Manager of Alzico Limited – the sole licensed distributor of Dr. Fixit Products in Nigeria
At Resource Team Company, we are rooted in our vision of expanding in the market with the sole aim of reaching out to all builders regardless of the distance. This is realized through our mission of providing quality products that stands the test of time in order to make all builders achieve their dreams at the right cost through a stress free process. We stock different products from various manufacturers and we ensure that these products have good visibility in the local market and we pride ourselves in offering discounted prices different from open market rates to give customers the maximum benefits that they deserve. When a customer buys the products from our company, our technical team provides enough information on proper installation. The good news is that we offer installation and repair services for the products we provide to our customers at reasonable terms. We make provision for spare parts such that you do not have to search for a different provider in case the parts are worn out or broken with use.