Dataman Offers "Real Builder" Real Estate Software - A Modern Solution for Real Estate Industry

Dataman offers “Real Builder” Real Estate Management Software, a modern solution for optimizing the work processes of real estate business.

Online PR News – 12-May-2015 – Kanpur/India – A modern and integrated Construction Management Software can greatly ease and streamline all the work processes related with real estate industry and can thus function as a valuable tool in solving the unique and specific requirements of real estate & construction professionals. It supports in optimizing the overall work efficiency and profitability of real estate business.

Having said this, finding such a real estate software solution is not at all an easy task. Procuring an enhanced and powerful construction software demands that you fully understand your business requirements and go onto analyse the capabilities of real estate software so that you can choose the most appropriate software suite for your real estate business.

In this context, Dataman Computer Systems (P) Ltd offering of “Real Builder” Real Estate Management Software can come out as a viable and intelligent choice for real estate professionals. There are several unique features of “Real Builder” Real Estate Software Suite which make it an outstanding solution for real estate industry.

At this point, it is significant to understand that the importance of a powerful real estate management system cannot be undermined in any way. Construction Industry is perhaps one of the most critical sectors of our economy. It is regarded as the back-bone of our lives as it is instrumental in providing us with safe and well built structures which go onto protect and shelter us.

Thus, there is a lot of responsibility on the building contractors to render safe and quality structures which support and enhance our lives. In this regards, the usefulness of Construction Software cannot be ignored as it assists in efficiently managing tasks, operations, and functions of real estate industry. The result being timely completion of real estate projects, reduction in operative costs, greater work efficiency, increased profitability and safe structures.

Let us now explore what all unique advantages “Real Builder” Real Estate ERP Solution has to offer to the construction industry.

“Real Builder” has been built using .NET Technology. It adopts a modular approach and provides several powerful modules so as to address all the key real estate business functions. It comes equipped with modules such as CRM, Sales, Procurement, Payroll, Accounts, Project Estimation, Inventory, etc. It efficiently handles tasks such as material billing, project estimation, multiple project operation, man power deployment, financial management, multi location inventory and many other real estate functions, as well.

“Real Builder” delivers total data security and perfect system control. It has been equipped with user friendly menus and graphical dashboards. Furthermore, it has advanced MIS reporting system and facilitates remote project monitoring, as well. It has been designed to function as a complete Real Estate ERP Software Solution for builders, contractors, infrastructure and real estate developers.

Moreover, it facilitates prompt decision making by providing better understanding and control on real estate projects. It helps to complete your projects within the given time frame and thus supports in building the brand value and reputation of your organization. “Real Builder” furnishes all the information, reports and tools needed for delivering enhanced performance. It functions as a flexible, feature-rich, secured, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution which supports in swift execution of day to day tasks of real estate business functions.

Thus, a modern and integrated Real Estate Management Software stands to offer multiple benefits to the construction industry. In this context, “Real Builder” Construction Software can function as a valuable tool for improving the efficiency of overall work processes of real estate industry.

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