ATPR Launches The Uninsured Accurate Property Title Search Services

Seeing the growth of perjuries, frauds and hoax in lending, banking, buyers and sellers businesses, ATPR has taken a stand of responsibility.

Online PR News – 12-May-2015 – Dallas – Seeing the growth of perjuries, frauds and hoax in lending, banking, buyers and sellers businesses, ATPR has taken a stand of responsibility. Launching their title search services is an extension to the name of ATPR, which is well-known for being fair, precise and most trustable in the industry. The whole team of ATPR’s property title search services is having best of the industry exposure, experience and training. Backed by the advanced methodology and latest technology, these services are unparalleled when it comes to property title search. The services, at the very moment, are being provided across the globe, delivering best of the property solutions at profitable prices.

The impeccable services are chance of growing businesses and reducing the risk factor for title agents, title underwriters, lenders and servicers, attorneys, asset management and tax reporting companies and for government agencies. The services are inclusive of property reports which are proved to be error free. Further they have added the advanced e-recording service. Tax reporting and municipal lien and code violation reports, are known to be best in the industry by ATPR.

In an interview with the chairman he said it is not just their job but also a duty to take care of the interests of their clients who are from all the sectors from baking to loan industry and from mortgage lenders to buyers. He further added that they will work day and night to bring utmost fairness in real estate transactions and will guarantee settlement of all the requirements. He assured that their every project goes through a number of strict steps, covering almost everything, leaving no scope of error.

In property title search services, steps are as follows:

Through title abstract, history of property and its ownership is collected. Comprehensive examination of title is done, and all the liens and claims are cleared of the property, if any at all. This step ensures that bank and lenders receive a clear and all-inclusive title of the property.

A survey is done to review any potential hindrances. In case of any issue found, it is immediately told to the client. This step ensures that there is no immediate problem and the loan applier is genuine person.

Title Insurance step. Company commits for the insurance policy and issues the tile insurance. It is highly asked for that all the lenders and banks must take this insurance as it becomes a shield of protection for any future claims, not easily seen dangers and frauds. It is a bond of paper and a protection from any kind of loss, financially as well as payment of law expenditures.

At the time of closing, all the papers are made thorough to all the parties once before they sign them. Once the settlement and everything is done, all the taxes collected are disbursed. Property loan documents are then returned to the client.
It is the company’s responsibility that all the documents are appropriately recorded in the courthouse. It is inclusive of deeds and mortgages.

The leading name in providing services and comprehensive solutions in real estate information, American Tax & Property Reporting stands on its values. The strength of ATPR is giving the accurate most and timely results. Reducing liability and swelling confidence in their clients is something they are known world-wide for. The clientele of ATPR are Title Agents, Title Underwriters, Lenders, Servicers, Attorneys, Asset Management Companies and Government Agencies.