Pro Desks Announces The New And Improved Rolla Desk Deluxe

Pro Desks has recently upgraded their RollaDesk Deluxe medical laptop cart with some advanced features.

Online PR News – 12-May-2015 – Grand Forks, BC – Grand Forks, British Columbia - May 12, 2015 – In today’s technology world, laptops seem to be getting less durable, but more effective and efficient – that doesn’t help when your equipment falls and breaks. Now imagine a stable, durable and mobile pedestal that allows you to be flexible in your work environment and keep your laptop free from falling to the ground.

Pro Desks has recently upgraded their RollaDesk Deluxe medical laptop cart with the following features:

• New 5” premium TPR casters don’t mark floors or disintegrate from high chemical applications.
• A wider and more versatile base which provides an unwavering computing pedestal system.
• The adjustable tilt mechanism is now stronger yet still easy to maneuver into position.
• The foot actuated gas cylinder lifts the table top up to 40 inches to accommodate any height of user, yet it can go to a 29 inch sitting position.
• Allows for full desk application and mobile standing workstation use.

Pro Desks’ purpose is to provide professionals, consumers, law enforcement agency personnel, medical specialists, construction and service firms along with all contractors access to high quality automobile and office laptop mounting solutions in North America. Based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Pro Desks prides itself in professional support and service, and its staff are considered industry experts.

Ensure that you never lose another laptop to the floor, purchase the new RollaDesk Deluxe rolling laptop cart. The RollaDesk Deluxe sells for $687.00 and can be shipped to your door. To order, or for more information about Pro Desks, visit