New Trend In Life Like Reborn Dolls Spreading Fast In US, Canada and Europe

Just As cute As Real Babies, Only Without Dirty Diapers Or a Man

Online PR News – 09-September-2009 – – For decades social scientists have speculated that human cloning technology would someday lead to a world without men. A new kind of society where women could have babies entirely on their own, without so much as an anonymous sperm donor. Well now as crazy as it sounds, it seems that many women have become tired of waiting and are turning to what has become to be known as “reborn babies”.

These are completely anatomically correct, perfectly proportioned baby dolls that actually look and feel just like a real human baby. Same cute face, same clothes, same everything including even a battery powered heart beat if it's specified in the order. All these dolls are handmade by artists who actually compete with each other to create the most lifelike specimens.

If it all sounds too odd to you then you may want to stop to take note of the fact that as money makers, many of these incredibly lifelike dolls have proven to be wise investments. In fact it's not at all uncommon for some reborn dolls to now carry price tags of up to $2,000 and even more. Buy the right reborn doll from the right artist, hold it every night for a year or so and you could find that your initial investment has doubled or even tripled.

When contacted by phone recently, Sophia Mendelshon, who runs was able to lend some insight into this growing phenomenon. “I basically stumbled into it”. I saw them online one day, was amazed at their incredible realism but couldn't find any unbiased and credible information on them online. All there was was sales sites. So I created, so people could have a place to come to learn pretty much anything and everything about reborn dolls”.

It's worked out well and while he certainly isn't making any money in sales, Mr. Scherer does none the less have bragging rights for running possibly the number one most popular informational site on the Internet, devoted specifically reborn dolls. Also he did report that he has finally purchased two for investment purposes and that they are going up in value. “So maybe I will make a few dollars off this craze after all”

On a related note: Special paints and painting techniques are used to duplicate a babies skin, complete with tiny veins and even mild diaper rash in some instances. Also in the better quality dolls, each hair is implanted individually for a totally realistic effect.

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