Accounts Increasing Even As People With Less Money To Spend People Buy Obagi Products

Sign of Recessionary Times That Still Has the Line Positioned As a Leader

Online PR News – 09-September-2009 – – Obagi Medical Products second quarterly financial report for 2009 is out and some curious changes are included in the data it contains. For instance while overall sales were down some 6.8%, when compared to the same quarter of 2008, new retail account numbers climbed by 389. Thats up a full 8% compared to the same time frame one year earlier.

So it's both good news and bad news that has industry analysts predicting that the company may emerge as the number one leader in the market place once the recession has fully bottomed out. The fact is that virtually all topical skin care products manufacturers that compete for the customers who buy Obagi products are also registering similar losses but with no new account gain figures.

When contacted for comment, Sophia Mendelsohn, president and CEO of one of the leading Obagi affiliated websites, was able to lend some additional insight into these two apparently contrasting quarterly figures. “ Were experiencing the same recession driven effect”. “We have more people visiting and all are expressing active interests in their line, but people just have less money to buy Obagi products today”.

“Right now were busy analyzing this latest report and going over all the data regarding the recent product testing that they have just completed.” “Give us a few days and we'll have all the technical information broken down into far simpler terms and posted on our site.” Of course he was referring to files that were contained in the quarterly report outlining a series of product tests that Obagi researchers have just completed. All delivering impressive positive results.

So it appears that on the short term, the news is not good but given the state of the world economy, combined with the fact generally people who buy Obagi are purchasing discretionary cosmetic medical products, it was to be expected. Even so, the respectable up-tic in new account numbers does indicate a growing confidence in the long term prospects of Obagi products at the retail level.

It was further noted in the company report, that Obagi acquired 183,664 shares of stock for $1.3 million through its company sponsored stock buy-back program. This brings the total spent on this one program to $5.3 million to buy back some 810,031 shares of Obagi stock.
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