Top Chester County Realtor Don Dowd Identifies 6 Reasons Home Listings Expire

Don Dowd is among the top real estate agents in Delaware, Chester and Montgomery County of Pennsylvania. He provides insight on common reasons listings expire.

Online PR News – 08-May-2015 – West Chester, PA – Top Chester County PA realtor Don Dowd has seen all types of real estate markets. And even during the major market downturn of the late 2000s, he was able to consistently sell homes and rank near the top in sales of all RE/MAX agents throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware. Dowd remains one of the top selling realtors in the region because he employs numerous ‘out of the box’ marketing methods that give his clients a major competitive advantage under all market conditions. These include:

• Luxury Homes & Estates Magazine Listings (front and back cover)
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Dowd offers some insights on why homeowners struggle to attract buyers during a reasonable amount of time. According to Dowd, home sellers whose listings expire typically make one or more of these 6 common errors:

Unrealistic Expectations
“Many times, agents take on a listing for their own reasons or simply to please a client,” Dowd says. “Often, the agent knows going in the price the seller wants is not realistic, but they list the home anyway, perhaps hoping to talk the homeowner into lowering the price later. There are two problems with this; first, inflated prices tend to attract very few (if any) offers. Second, if an offer does come in, it is usually significantly lower than the asking price and the seller probably will not accept it.”

Poor Condition
“Before listing the home, it should be clean and in good repair,” Dowd continues. “All minor (and major) repairs should be done and the home should be well staged with minimal clutter, personal items, etc. Remember, once you list your home, your top priority is to make it attractive for buyers, not to decorate it according to your tastes and styles. Also, remember that flat surfaces sell homes. This means if you paint your walls and ceilings and replace old flooring and countertops, your home will be in much better selling condition. ”

The Home is High End for the Neighborhood
“A home can actually be too valuable for the area in which it is situated. Most realtors will tell you that you should buy houses that are on the low end of the prices in the neighborhood, because they have much better appreciation potential. Of course, if this is already the case, there is not much you can do to change it. But if you are considering upgrades, remodels, and/or style and design changes, speak with an agent first about whether or not this is a good investment. For example, a $100,000 remodeling job that increases the value of the home by $150,000 might sound good on the surface, but only if it doesn’t price the home out of the area averages.”

Lack of Photos
“It never ceases to amaze me how many listings are out there with just a handful of photos and no videos. This is one of the most squandered opportunities in real estate, and if this has happened to you, it is a strong indication that your realtor is not doing all he/she can do to sell your home. My team posts the maximum number of photos allowed (which is typically up to 25). In addition, we produce multiple videos of the home and use advanced search engine optimization techniques to give these videos optimal exposure on Google and YouTube. This alone can significantly increase your potential pool of buyers.

Uncooperative Sellers
“Another common issue we often run into is the seller not making the home easy to buy. For example, a request comes in for a showing and the prospective buyer is in from out of town and can only see the house at 4:00 today. The seller says they can’t get out by 4:00. As a listing agent, I sell homes for a living and I have experienced this situation multiple times in the past. I always double-check with the buyer’s agent to be sure that this is the only time the prospect can view the home. If that’s true, I’ll let the seller know that by declining the request, they may have just disqualified an ideal buyer. Unfortunately, not all realtors are this proactive when it comes to showings. Agents need to find out if a showing request is urgent or not and convey this to the seller. But the bottom line is if a seller truly wants to move the home, they need to be as flexible as possible with showing requests.”

Lack of Effective Marketing
“Marketing is a major key that separates the top realtors from those that are in the middle of the pack. I have consistently been a top realtor in Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County because I am willing to do whatever it takes to sell my clients’ homes. This means leveraging every marketing channel we have at our disposal, and it especially means having a strong presence online. For example, not only do we get your home out to the major sites like Trulia, Zillow, and Redfin, we also publish your listing in over 100 other places that are highly searched in our local Delaware County and Chester County markets.”

“One of the realtors on my team is Jason Lomberg, an Internet marketing specialist with over 18 years of experience on the Web. Jason has been around since the Internet was brand new and he keeps abreast of all the latest online developments so we continually remain on the cutting edge of the digital marketing world. For our clients, this means they can rest assured we are doing everything possible to bring in a qualified buyer for their home in the shortest possible time.”

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About Don Dowd Top Realtor West Chester PA:

Don Dowd is a RE/MAX Main Line real estate agent and member of the prestigious National Association of Realtors. Don has been in sales for almost his entire adult life and began his career in real estate at age 22. From 2010 through 2014, Don consistently ranked in the top 5 in sales out of over 3200 RE/MAX agents in the Philadelphia and Delaware areas, and he is poised to surpass those figures in 2015. What sets Don apart from most realtors is his ability and willingness to invest the resources necessary to properly market his clients’ homes. He accomplishes this by retaining 99% of the commissions he earns as opposed to most real estate agents that keep only 50%. His superior resources and exceptional negotiating skills make Don Dowd one of the top realtors in the region.

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