Modern Cosmetics Companies Like Mac Cosmetics Introduce a New Way Of Doing Business

MAC Cosmetics and Its Multiple Charities Is a Prime Example

Online PR News – 09-September-2009 – – If you were to believe all that you hear on the news today, one could easily arrive at the conclusion that the only way that businesses are going to adapt to todays changing societies needs, is by forced government mandates. Is it really true that all business leaders in todays world only care about one thing and one thing only? Profits?

The fact of the matter is that some of the most progressive businesses being ran by people with the most foresight just aren't making it onto the front pages. Hey”! If it bleeds it leads and one only has to look to the recent avalanche of daily reports on crippled domestic the auto industry to see this is true.

The real irony of it all, is that a lot of people haven't even heard companies like MAC Cosmetics. A Company that now has its own policy of rewarding customers for returning the plastics that they use in cosmetics packaging. Do they lose money on the deal? On the front end yes but what about in the long run?

Sophia Mendelsohn CEO of is convinced that there is something in this that the “bean counters” are missing. “It's more then just showing that a company can run its own recycling program without being forced to by any government policies. It's showing that a company like MAC Cosmetics can do it and do it profitably.”

“Its the same with MAC's (Children Helping Children) charity. Every holiday season MAC Cosmetics designs and markets special greeting cards and all of the profit goes directly to community based pediatric AIDS relief organizations. All along, the truth is that MAC Cosmetics is recognized in the industry as premier product, so they don't have to do any of this."

Look even deeper and to the conventional business mind it gets even stranger than that. Thats because MAC Cosmetics is well on its way to dominating a lions share of the domestic and worldwide market without allocating so much as one thin dime to advertising. No advertising department and no advertising budget!

On a further related note: Business leaders around the globe are beginning to take notice of what MAC Cosmetics has been up to and are scrambling to implement their own civic programs, as they are also taking a new look at their own bloated advertising budgets.
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