Steadily Rising Energy Costs Correlate Directly With Increase In Sales Of Ceiling Fans

Homeowners Rediscovering Old and New Alternatives To Power Gulping ACs

Online PR News – 09-September-2009 – – If your electrical bills have been leaving you reeling from sticker shock recently, your not alone. The fact is that in spite of federal and state government bureaucrats steady supply of promises to reign in power companies, they seem to be completely impotent or unwilling to take on politically connected interstate energy brokerage consortiums. The middle-men in the electrical energy market game.

As it turns out, one needs only to check the level of sales of common houshold energy effeceincly imporvement items, such as ceiling fans to guage the level of the publics frustation. For now it seems that with whats paid out on just one average AC driven power bill, a homeowner can purchase sometimes two or three high quality designer discount ceiling fans.

In a recent phone interview, Andrew Scherer, president and CEO of was able to take a few minutes to elaborate on the topic. “Its not just ceiling fans....People are now finding out more and more that there are so many new affordable high tech solutions that really can take a bite of an energy bill. As-use water heaters that heat water only when you need it, new space age windows that block out heat, not light and the list just goes on and on.”

“Even if most of these things do cost more up front, from what I'm hearing, people are just sick and tired of being lied to by power governing authorities and being ripped off by power companies. One recent rude wake up call was the new administrations plan, calling for public monies to develop greener domestic power sources. Green is fine but lets face it... Were going to pay to build these wind farms then were going to have to pay for the power they produce. You can do that math on just two fingers. I see prices doubling somewhere not too far down the road.”

Home improvement industry experts also point to new developments in user friendly, easy installation, energy related home improvement components as contributing to sales up-tics in these recessionary times. Manufacturers, it turns out have finally figured out that if they make their products simpler to install, people will be more inclined to purchase them. Well go figure!

On a related note: In a recent check of nationwide hardware stores, it was found that some manufacturers of ceiling fans are now coming out with complete product lines that are specifically designed for easy homeowner installation.

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