Online Advertising Company,, Announces New Humorous Websites To Join Advertising Network

Premier online advertising network, Gathi, adds new humorous websites to increase its presence in the online entertainment market. By using humour, Gathi effectively captures audience attention, pleasing publishers and advertisers alike.

Online PR News – 09-September-2009 – – Copenhagen, Denmark -- Successful advertising network, Gathi, recently added a series of humorous websites as part of its announced comprehensive campaign aimed at increasing its role in the online entertainment market.

As with all of Gathi's markets, the firm's new entertainment business has a distinct target demographic, and, if planned correctly, will feature advertisements geared specifically towards this audience. Additionally, Gathi's experienced managers recognize that humour is one of the most powerful tools of capturing a person’s attention. For this reason, Gathi online advertising network added a number of humorous websites to entice visitors looking for online entertainment options.

Humour is a powerful marketing instrument that can shorten the distance between an advertiser and potential buyers. It overcomes customers’ resistance, and moreover portrays products in a positive, captivating and competitive light. Gathi advertising network invites advertising agencies to use the media buzz humour creates to capture the attention of visitors, who after viewing the websites, continue browsing the Internet in a cheerful mood.

Humorous websites are extremely popular among all the Internet users regardless of their professional activity. Housewives turn to these websites to overcome loneliness and mild boredom. Moreover, humour helps them to keep a cheerful, optimistic attitude even in the hardest situations and disappointments. Laughter – or just a smile – makes people feel better. And this warm feeling obtained while laughing remains for quite a long time, often returning again with the joke’s recollection. Besides a relief from sadness and loneliness, laughter gives the courage and strength to find new sources of meaning and hope. Even in the most difficult times, a laugh can bring back zest for life. Additionally, to distract their minds from the complicated economic situation, businessmen are eager to read amusing stories and witty jokes.

One of the reasons Gathi is emphasizing the use of humour is because it has been found to be an effective prevention of stress, overexertion and depression. It is indispensable for everyone who wants to bring mind and soul back into balance. No wonder that reading witticisms online is such a popular form of entertainment. Put simply, humour inspires hopes, unites people and keeps them grounded, concentrated and optimistic.

Additionally, Gathi has found that nothing makes potential customers more sympathetic than humour. Humour facilitates the process of creating real human cordiality between web visitors and advertisers. This cordiality can be compared with the feelings one experiences when walking into a favourite store or café. The jokes and witticisms immediately create the feeling of being wanted and welcome, which is why millions of people all over the world visit these recently added websites daily to cheer up and raise their spirits. More importantly, with these website additions, Gathi advertisers expose millions of humorous website visitors to their online advertising campaigns.

Gathi online advertising solutions aim at pleasing both its publishers and advertisers, which is why it entered the high-growth entertainment market with the addition of the new humorous websites. The Gathi team strives to please the interests of its audience, attracting as many visitors to the advertisements of its affiliates as possible. Since Gathi specialists know that life savours well with humour, they are pleased with the addition of numerous humorous sites joining its advertising network.

About Gathi: Popular online advertising network, Gathi, helps clients promote their online advertising initiatives by optimizing web traffic and bringing a targeted audience to their websites. With more than 10 million unique visitors per day to the Gathi network, the firm has grown to be a leader in the online advertising industry.

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