Promixa B2B Stuns with First Quarter Sales Figures

First quarter sales figures for Proxima B2B were up 25% over 2014, proving this outsourced sales company is here to stay

Online PR News – 30-April-2015 – Colorado Springs, Colorado – Promixa B2B is seeing a lot of buzz from their first quarter figures and are using lessons learned to augment their already aggressive outsourced sales program. What most people don't realize when going into business is that a sales team can cost a business as much as 6% of a company's total revenue in commissions alone. Keeping an on-site staff of sales associates can be an anchor, preventing a business from developing momentum, even under good sailing conditions.

What companies like Promixa B2B have realized is that not every product or service requires someone on location to sell it, especially in a world that has become increasingly mobile. By outsourcing its sales team, a business can reduce its cost of overhead, has more money to devote to other areas with growth potential, or is able to increase its profit margin by the amount of that reduction. While this is by no means a new concept--companies have been outsourcing their sales for over a decade--Proxima B2B delivers a holistic overhaul process, based on evidence-based modeling, that will propel a company's growth and help transform the organization's thinking about business-building from the inside out.

Katherine Parker is one of the growth leaders of Promixa B2B; she works with dozens of companies each year to redesign and rethink their sales strategies to meet the changing technology and market needs. Her experience in this industry has enabled her to not only see where the action is in marketing and sales is today, but also where it is headed.

"Our parent company has been in this practice area since the 1990s, and has grown into one of the top providers of virtual services out there," she tells us. “For the first time in history, technological innovation is out-pacing expectations, and very few industries outside of the tech leaders knew what to expect or how to shift their companies’ activity to leverage strengths in this changed business environment. Born from the laptop and Internet generation of the 1990s, our business model was folded around that generation of less agile businesses. Promixa B2B was a way of expanding upon that initial foundation, but taking it a step further to accommodate those of the smartphone-smartwatch-tablet generation. We understand how to market to and for this segment of the industry. That's what we do best.”

Promixa B2B looks at a company's sales pipeline, its process, and its outcomes to generate a tailored solution for that firm that will generate new business, increasing revenue without growing fixed costs. “We're not a company that pushes outsourcing to another country so that a company can save money because the truth is that doesn't work for every business,” she tells us. "Can you imagine a company that sells Made in America products that outsources its sales team? What we do is look at the company, its products, and its current sales teams and make adjustments where needed. If it's not broke, we don't fix it. What we do is present ways to focus on profitable new accounts and revenue streams, charge a percentage of that growth, and help our clients enjoy greater profits."

Promixa B2B's "Four Step Sales Development Process" incorporates technology, digital tools and consultative sales expertise into a powerful sales approach that just works.

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