A Strong Corporate or Brand Identity is Essential to Success

When coming up with a corporate identity or brand logo for a start-up business, there are a number of considerations that must be made to ensure success, according to a leading New York visual communications and graphic design firm.

Online PR News – 08-September-2009 – New york, New York – Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a Manhattan graphic design firm that specializes in visual communication services for clients across the globe, says that a good logo is necessary to put a company and its product or service ahead of its competitors.

“Think about some of the most recognizable brand names and their logos,” says Crisafi. “Companies like Pepsi and McDonald's have seen an increase in sales and customer loyalty, over time, in part, as a result of brand recognition.”

According to Crisafi, large corporations spend billions of dollars carefully protecting and continually evolving their corporate image. Why? Crisafi says that it is because branding and recognition is essential to a company's success.

“For start-up companies,” Crisafi says, “building a corporate or brand identity can be an arduous process and the best way to start is with a powerful logo design that sets the company apart from its competitors.”

As vice president of one of Manhattan’s leading design firms, Crisafi says that his staff knows what it takes to make sure that a company’s logo will put it on track for success and he offers the following tips:

Be mindful of the power of recognition. A good logo should be unique, setting the company apart from its competitors and ensuring that it is recognizable to consumers. In other words, make sure that your logo stands out.

Keep it simple. “A good logo design should not be complicated The genius behind some of the most famous logos lies in their simplicity,” says Crisafi. “In addition, the company name should be clear and easy to read.”

Know your target. When designing a logo, the company's target demographic should be considered. The logo should evoke a feeling and portray a style that speaks to the target audience.

Know your competition. “Checking the competition's branding and logo identities is essential to ensuring that the company stands out from others in the same market,” he says.

When hiring a graphic design company create a company logo or identity, Crisafi says that insistence on a deep understanding of the company's product or service is the key.

“A quality logo or brand image should set a particular tone and create a specific style that conveys a company's mission and its values,” says Crisafi.

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