Great Search Engine Optimization Techniques (SEO) Need Sound Logic—Build it With Serpslogic

SEO is still a relatively new thing and people are apprehensive about whether or not to go for it. We at Serpslogic want to reach people who fall in this category, by offering true performance based services where clients only pay for the results achieved.

Online PR News – 26-March-2009 – – New Delhi, India - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are rapidly gaining vitality when it comes to e-Business. Apparently the more viewers a website attracts the better will be its business prospects. Hence, there is a burgeoning need of quality manpower that can produce excellent results in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Reputation Management (ORM), the key ingredients of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This led to the foundation of Serpslogic. “We are building a team of expert web technology professionals having desire to achieve excellence. We will deliver the best." declares Deepak Kumar, the founder of Serpslogic.

Serpslogic comes with a strong vision of helping businesses achieve excellent rankings in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Having extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has enabled Serpslogic to offer widest range of Search Engine Marketing Services. This includes services in areas like SEO, SEM, SEO Copywriting, PPC (Pay per Click) Campaign Management, Link Building, Social Media Optimization (SMO), and SEO Consulting. It also offers training courses for individual and corporate clients that include case studies and hands on experience in the curriculum. Based on the requirement they help clients plan and develop their new website or restructure the existing website for better results.

Serpslogic caters to the optimization services required by the businesses of varying size and all sorts of industries. In addition to the search engine marketing services, Serpslogic also offers website monitoring and support services. Clients can hire a webmaster with Serpslogic who can perform regular updates and maintenance activities on their web site. They also provide chat and email management solutions for small & medium size businesses/websites. Although web site support solutions are currently limited to web based customer care and technical support, they plan to expand their range soon.

As a part of its brand promotion plan, Serpslogic is currently offering some free services, which could be of great interest for clients willing to raise their online profile. It has two categories. 'Submit a question' allows visitors to submit their questions related to SEO/SEM and Serpslogic’s team will respond to it within 48 hours. Through 'Free SEO Report' visitors can have their web site analyzed for free and get recommendations on areas which require attention. Apart from these it also has an SEO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section that has many of the pertinent questions answered already. Overall, Serpslogic is going to give you a one stop shop experience when it comes to web optimization. To find out more, please visit

“Our aim is to provide excellent Search Engine Optimization and marketing services with complete integrity and business ethics and help clients fine tune their online presence.” –Deepak Kumar, founder of Serpslogic.

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