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New scientific studies are now looking optimistic about finding a way to reverse diabetes symptoms. prides itself on being the first to get hold of such ‘breaking’ news and bringing it to the web!

Online PR News – 08-September-2009 – – Almost 246 Million people who suffer from diabetes worldwide, along with their caretakers and family members. It is to serve those people that launched its website today. Offering current headlines, tools and advice to help diabetes’ sufferers manage their illness, the goal of the site is to explore various ways to treat the disease and wherever possible, find a way to reverse diabetes symptoms.

The site will also provide up to date reviews on products, news and information backed by research and evidence for the benefit of its subscribers. It is notable that the site is only informational in nature, but offers a wide-range of the natural and medical treatments and offers a multitude of resources in the form of e-books and articles. Having this hands-on data can not only improve the lives of diabetics and their families, but could ultimately alter the path of the disease and allow for a reversal of symptoms for many patients.

An estimated 380 Million people are expected to be affected by diabetes within the next 15 years. In order to slow or reverse this trend, information and action by individuals is vital. allows those affected by the disease to take control of and ultimately improve their lifestyle.

As a special ‘launch’ offer, is offering the first 50 fellow service providers who subscribe to, cutting edge weekly diabetes articles for their first four weeks’ subscription, completely Free!

About Jemma Trent, Founder of Diabetes Explored

Jemma Trent came into contact with diabetes when her husband was diagnosed with the disease. By educating herself about dietary options and natural cures, she has been able to reverse many of the effects of his illness. After her experiences, it became prevalent that there was a need for an all-encompassing resource for diabetes’ patients and their caretakers to access as many optional treatments as possible in order to rid themselves of the deadly ramifications of this illness.

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