Wildrose Vacations warns Consumers of Bundles that disguise hotel costs

Cornell University study reveals how hotel owners are being coached to get the consumer to pay the most for their hotel rooms.

Online PR News – 08-September-2009 – – Walt Peters
Scottsdale, Arizona

wildrose vacations has been in the member only travel business for many years. As the recession continues and travel continues to be discounted, there are deals out there that aren’t quite what they seem. A recent report by Cornell University School of Hotel Administration coaches hotel owners and innkeepers on how to deal with recession travel and keep the consumer paying the highest price for their accommodations.

The report advises them not to cut room prices straight across the board but to create discounted room rates into packages that “disguise” them into cheaper deals by bundling them. This makes it more difficult to get the price of the individual items such as “stay nights, get another free, with spa package, wifi, parking etc.” Sounds like a good deal, but a lot of the time the savings are not there when you go to the individual website and buying a la carte works out to be less money.

Wildrose Vacations members have the privilege of having their agents do all the ground work of getting the best deal out there for its members. It is time consuming to search through wholesale companies for the best deal or for the lowest price. Carmela Cabrera, manager of Travel Services in Calgary says, “Sometimes it can take hours to find the lowest price especially when it comes to cruises. The best deals are usually not found on the internet, but rather through consolidators that have the prices we need because they need to move larger amounts of inventory. These are the deals that keep our members happy.”

Wildrose Vacations has been the leader in member only travel for years and these days when consumers see great deals all over the web they need to know that sometimes they may not be as great as they think. Considering all the bundling and packaging being done, Sherri Kimes, the professor that wrote the Cornell article was asked if she felt that bundling is deceptive. “That’s hard to answer” according to Kimes because you wouldn’t call it deception if the comsumer is still getting a deal. “I guess you can’t really blame hotel corporations for trying to weather this economy and get the most for their rooms.

Wildrose Vacations holds travel seminars daily in both their Calgary and Edmonton offices for people who are interested in high quality, lower cost vacationing. For more information or to book a nice night out with wine and appetizers you can contact their offices directly.

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