Staff Have Access to Circuit Training In New Facility

The new circuit training facility near offices is a boon for staff. management hopes for health and productivity benefits

Online PR News – 31-August-2010 – – No more out-of-shape writers at Well, maybe that is a bit unrealistic! Maybe it is enough that the writers now have access to an onsite exercise facility. With a modest effort, they can conveniently improve their fitness. is always trying to do the right thing by our writers and all our staff, and this circuit training space is one aspect of this effort. has a proud history of trying to foster good health. We have always encouraged writers to get up and stretch regularly, and to take eye breaks to avoid strain. We no longer allow smoking in the offices, for the health of all the staff. We try to enrich the experience of our staff with all sorts of intellectual stimulation.

However, this new circuit training path is a substantial investment in the physical health of our employees. We expect it will pay off immediately as staff use it for relaxation and stress relief.

The immune system works better when under less stress. The brain works better, and the body can tolerate the late hours and concentrate better when the muscles are in good tone. There seems to be no downside to obtaining gentle, careful exercise.

So we hope that our staffers will take advantage of the slant bars, rings, and barres for stretching which are set up around the circuit. There are even directions on how to do various moves. The “tone” of the office will improve considerably.

The productivity of our writing staff is likely to improve. However, if the only benefits are in the personal health of our personnel, will have gotten the pay-back we hoped for.

Our writing staff are the most crucial asset we have as a business. They can help our customers with a dizzying array of documents and projects. Research, editing, proofing, drafting; the possibilities are endless. Just let them at it!

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