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The article gives readers fresh news updates of G-20 meeting held at London considering the hot topic of recovering from the economic recession.

Online PR News – 08-September-2009 – – Brown’s Comment: Stimulus plans must come in to action this year or next.

The leading economies of the world must implement the stimulus plan from 2010 if the global economy returns to its normal growth.

UK Prime Minister Brown said, “Leading economies must continue to implement announced stimulus through 2010 if the global economy is to return to sustained growth”.

At the beginning of the G-20 meeting of the best 20 economies and finance ministers from all over the world he said, “the risks still very much remain” for the world economy but this strong action of leading economies has opened up “ the prospects of a return to growth”.

The global economy is still under the risky phase but to recover from this risky economic session the actions from the leading economies is highly appreciable.

The assumption of positive economic growth for 2010 is because of the stimulus plans and efforts of high scale will assure the fast recovery in 2009.

The report says that the stakes are very high to take decisions regarding the 2010 forecasts.

The G-20 is at the critical point where cooperation from all the leading countries is the demand of the time.

He said it is a crucial moment to say that the growth of global economy in future will be more balanced for those countries that have surplus in current accounts and more expenses and the countries that have traditional deficits with high saving rates.

This is the time for aiming at long-term results from the stimulus plans. The G-20 meeting of leading economies will surely find some appreciable measures to recover from this economic risk phase.