Spanish Actress Ainara Landon is Slated to Play Paulilu in the Film '8th House'

Multitalented actress Ainara Landon gets international attention for her role in the upcoming film "8th House" produced by Viscus Film and FleenKat Films.

Online PR News – 08-April-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – The beautiful and talented actress Ainara Landon, who is best known for her work in two of Spain's highest rated television shows "Aguila Roja" and "Tierra de Lobos," is in negotiations with several production companies to bring her talents to Hollywood this year.

Ainara Landon is known across Spain and Italy for her portrayal of a vast range of characters on the popular television shows "The Avatars," "La Tira," "Amar En Tiempos Revueltos," and others.

The young star was recently tapped to play Paulilu, one of the lead actresses in the upcoming film "8th House," which is being produced by Viscus Film and FleenKat Film, and is scheduled to begin shooting in the U.S. and France in spring 2016.

Marem Hassler, cofounder of Viscus Film and director of "8th House," says, "Ainara isn't afraid to delve into the depths of character and the unknown. She's a brave actress capable of journeying into raw terrain and that's what we're looking for from the cast of this film."

An art house film that follows Salome, played by Andrea Goldman, a New York-based poet who journeys to France in pursuit of the man she loves.

After coming to the painful realization that he will never leave his wife for her, Salome finds herself in a state of sensorial paralysis, unable to speak, feel, taste, smell or hear.

"8th House" follows the tormented writer's journey to recovery and the eight women she meets along the way who change her view of herself and the world around her.

Tierra de Lobos

About Landon's character, Andrea Goldman, the cowriter of "8th House" and cofounder of Viscus film, says, "She is the voice of reason, the only thread holding [Salome] into some semblance of normalcy. She supports Salome’s journey to recovery and re-discovery of self."

Prior to becoming a sought after talent in the U.S., Ainara Landon made a name for herself in the Spanish entertainment industry. Landon played the recurring role of Carina in season 5 of "Aguila Roja" a.k.a "Red Eagle."

Produced by Globomedia for Televisión Española, "Aguila Roja" is not only the most watched series in the history of Spanish television, but with a budget of almost one million euros per episode, it is also the most expensive according to TV Ropes.

Set in the 17th century during Spain's Golden Age, "Aguila Roja" follows Gonzalo de Montalvo, an exiled Spaniard who returns to Spain as Aguila Roja, a vigilante seeking retribution for his murdered wife.

Landon says she enjoyed her role in "Aguila Roja" more than most because, due to the fact that it was a period piece, she was able to tap into her character and the time thanks to the ornate wardrobe.

Over the years, the show received an astonishing collection of awards including eight Atv Awards, a Fotogramas de Plata Award, an Ondas Award, three TP de Oro Awards, and others.

The actress also played the role of a bailarina in several episodes of the first season of Telecinco's hit series "Tierra de Lobos" ("Land of Wolves").

According to an article published by the Hollywood Reporter, "Tierra de Lobos" was also one of the highest rated shows in Spain.

A western themed series set in the 19th century, "Tierra de Lobos" is an action-packed tale of adventure and romance that can easily be compared to western-inspired American TV shows like "Hell on Wheels" and "Justified."

Landon was a knockout in her portrayal of a sought after dancer in the local brothel. Landon acted alongside Onda Award winner Maria Castro, Antonia Velazquez and Dafne Fernandez in the highly acclaimed series.

Landon also guest starred as Isabel in the Spanish soap opera, "Amar En Tiempos Revueltos" ("To Love is Forever.") Set during the start of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 and continuing on through fascist dictator Francisco Franco's rule, the series was widely praised for presenting engaging stories in a way that offered up a valuable lesson on Spain's social and political history.

Over the last few years Ainara Landon has also become a highly recognizable name in the world of cinema. In 2012 she appeared in the supporting role of Marina in the feature film "Stuck to your pillow."

Written and directed by Mari Navarro ("Por fin viernes," "El dia por delante," "Todo va bien," "Estamos todos locos"),"Stuck to Your Pillow" is a quirky romantic comedy about a young man who, after dying in a fatal accident, comes back to life as a ghost and falls in love with a married woman named Patricia. He spends his nights sleeping next to her permeating her dreams with his presence, until one day she can finally see him.

Landon says, "The movie has a lot of funny scenes and shooting them with such a warm team was a great experience."

Produced by CYNfilms under the original title ""Pegado a tu Almohada," "Stuck to Your Pillow" was theatrically released in theaters across Spain, and was distributed in the U.S. by Breaking Glass Pictures.

With an impressive repertoire of work already under her belt, a leading role in the upcoming film "8th House," and several other projects in negotiations for 2015, this diversely talented actress is definitely the Spanish star to keep your eyes out for in Hollywood.