BHM to Re-release Successful Webinar 'The Power of Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation'

BHM, announced today the re-release its free webinar “Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation: The Power of Accreditation” 4/22/15 2:00-3:00 pm EDT

Online PR News – 08-April-2015 – St. Louis, Missouri – The specialty pharmacy movement is sweeping the nation and is significantly impacting how pharmacies operate within a fast-changing industry. Find out how critical accreditation is in securing market-competitiveness, continuously improving quality, and sustaining financial growth in the rapidly shifting healthcare environment. This presentation will also focus on how to maximize the Return on Investment of Accreditation once pharmacies have already become accredited. BHM will discuss one of the major players in the pharmacy accreditation arena, URAC, as well as providing a review of additional accreditation alternatives, such as PCAB, CPPA, and ACHC.

For those pharmacies which are already accredited, securing inclusion in the coveted payer networks can be a daunting, time-consuming task. BHM’s webinar will offer tips and secrets to assist with these negotiations.

Hint: One of the initial filters being used to weed out pharmacies from the network is accreditation. Need we say more?

This presentation will address all pharmacies, regardless of accreditation status. It will delve into both the critical aspects of accreditation and the next steps required to secure inclusion in the coveted payer networks. The time to act is now! Those organizations who do not prepare to either become accredited, or maximize their accreditation investment could face financial difficulties in the future. This presentation cuts through the complexity of accreditation, and allows pharmacies to focus on the shifts that will make or break their organizations in the current and coming years. “It is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to learn more about specialty pharmacy accreditation and Payer Contracting, and to develop a winning game plan for success in the changing pharmacy arena.” – Danyell Jones, SVP Marketing, BHM Healthcare Solutions. This webinar will specifically cover the following topics:

• Understanding the Special Pharmacy Industry

• Getting to know the basics of Specialty Pharmacy eligibility requirements

• Accreditation Options: Evaluating what your organization needs

• Understanding the Accreditation process and how to kick start accreditation

• What are the stumbling blocks in achieving accreditation?

• How to reap the rewards of becoming accredited: Boosting your Accreditation ROI?

• How to leverage accreditation to better position yourself in the market and increase your revenue

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