Writer and Director Nuh Omar Gears Up for the Production of the Film 'The Porter and the Stone'

Pakistani-born writer/director Nuh Omar continues his success with the upcoming film "The Porter and the Stone," as well as several other projects in the works.

Online PR News – 08-April-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Multi-talented filmmaker Nuh Omar will return stateside to shoot the film "The Porter and the Stone" later this year.

An adaptation of Oscar Wilde's iconic tale "The Happy Prince," "The Porter and the Stone" is geared toward the millennial generation; and will emphasize the way a person's selfless acts add value to their character and help the overall community in which they live.

The film will follow an Automaton that seeks to fulfil his wishes of helping the people in his town by enlisting the help of an arrogant Swallow. Although nothing is set in stone, Omar is hoping to land someone like Stanley Tucci as the voice of the Automaton.

"The change from the statue of the Prince in the original story to an Automaton in our contemporary tale is an integral part of why we are making this film today in this particular way," explains Omar. "As the viewer will see, the Automaton is representative of not only the themes that were present in the original tale, but newer themes with significance for today's Millennial generation, and hopefully we’ll get this across in the story and the techniques in which we bring this being to life."

Omar has wanted to tell his version of the tale since childhood, and having already established himself as an extraordinarily talented filmmaker in the industry through the success of his past projects, he is finally getting the chance through "The Porter and the Stone."

"I think it will be successful because of the nature of the story," says line producer Christian Villarreal. "In my opinion the significance of the film in the world today is one of moral value... This story highlights the value of giving and showcases what kind of morals we should strive to achieve."

The Happy Prince

Omar has dedicated immense creative energy to the pre-production of "The Porter and the Stone," but for him, the creation of this film is a labor of love. He plans to bring the story to the screen using live action, and animatronics and puppetry to create the two main characters.

As a writer Nuh Omar is second to none. In 2011 he wrote the film "We're Americans, Eh"" which was directed by Christian Villarreal and received the Best Costume Design Award, and made it into the Top 5 Films chosen by audiences at Film Racing's 2013 24 Hour Film Competition in Los Angeles.

In the advertising world Omar has used his abilities as a creative manager and copywriter for IAL Saatchi and Saatchi to help create an impressive list of campaigns for global brands owned by Proctor and Gamble including Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Pampers, Safeguard, Ariel, and others.

Although he was originally born in Karachi, Pakistan Nuh Omar spent most of his youth in Canada until he moved to the United States to complete a two-year course at the New York Film Academy and then his BA in the Science of Film at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida where he was the Valedictorian of his class.

Upon returning to Pakistan in 2012, Omar was tapped by the Engro Corporation to write and direct three films to commemorate a few of the extraordinary individuals being honored at the 2012 Engro Excellence Awards.

The films focused on the lives and work of sculptor Shahid Sajjad, former UN Assistant Secretary General Dr. Hafeez A. Pasha and Dr. Adeeb-Ul Hassan Rizvi. Out of the three films the film entitled "Shahid Sajjad - Mojiza-E-Fun" was by far Omar's favorite.

After showing his first cut of "Shahid Sajjad - Mojiza-E-Fun" to the vice president of Engro Corporation, the VP reportedly began to tear up at the way Omar displayed Sajjad's lifetime of innovative work in the film.

Omar admits, "I've always felt that good cinema brings with it a connection to the audience. Good cinema is the art of crafting a story that reaches out to the viewer. A laugh, a cry, a scream in anger or horror, good cinema invokes emotion in the viewer."

Nuh Omar is undoubtedly a technically seasoned filmmaker, but what makes his films so powerful is the passion he brings to the table.

In 2009 Omar directed the film "Close To Heaven" alongside Ewa Pazera. Created in collaboration with Phoenix East Aviation "Close to Heaven" is a documentary style film that opens viewers to the exciting world of flight as seen through the eyes of pilot and instructor Maciek Koperwas.

Omar says, "What I wanted to capture, when Ewa pitched the idea, was the reason behind the love of flight. My own family has a strong background in aviation, and the desire to soar has always been a dream. I wanted to capture those feelings in this film, and Phoenix East Aviation in Daytona Beach, FL was kind enough to let us work with them and shoot in their facilities."

In addition to being the writer and director of the "The Porter and the Stone," Omar has another film in the works, which is currently listed under the working title "Untitled Imaginary Friends Project" and is scheduled to be released by 2017.

Omar is known for his ability to create whimsical and surreal realities within his films, as well as through his written work. Omar is also working on "I'm Here," a 12-issue comic book series that focuses on urban legends and myths told by crypto-journalist Jonas Oak.

Omar says, "It’s a story about the disappearance of American values and things that we’ve forgotten. I find the idea unique because Jonas isn’t the main character; he and the cast of the piece are observers of what becomes a larger story arc."