Lawyer Meital Manzuri Hosts A Medical Marijuana Seminar This Friday, April 17, 2015.

The Law Offices of Meital Manzuri will host an informative medical marijuana seminar this weekend in Los Angeles, California.

Online PR News – 09-April-2015 – Buena Park, CA – This upcoming Friday, April 17th, 2015, respected criminal defense lawyer Meital Manzuri will host a medical marijuana seminar to address some important changes regarding medical marijuana legislation and patient rights. The seminar will take place in Buena Park - in two sessions - from 10am-1pm and 1:30pm-4:20pm. During this seminar, Manzuri Law will address topics regarding new local and federal policies that impact medical marijuana law. This informative seminar is free, and space is limited. Call the Law Offices of Meital Manzuri to enroll and ensure a reserved seat for this seminar.

Whether you are a patient, a grower, or have ties to a dispensary, this seminar will discuss many interesting developments in the world of medical marijuana. Find out more about topics like local laws, federal laws, taxation 101, legal entity selection, and knowing your rights. Attend the free seminar to gain valuable information regarding current events of “Cannabusiness”.

Meital Manzuri is a dedicated federal and state criminal defense attorney and defends those accused of any crime, felony or misdemeanor. Manzuri Law recently had a victory in a complex attempted murder case and also several drug possession for sales cases. A large portion of our practice focuses on fighting law enforcement violations of the constitution, marijuana law, medical marijuana business counseling, DUI defense and drug possession and sales. With substantial experience handling search and seizure issues, Meital Manzuri has consistently succeeded in the suppression of evidence unlawfully obtained by police officers.
Since 2008, Meital Manzuri has evolved into one of Los Angeles’ premier medical marijuana attorneys, defending the rights of patients, distributors, and cultivators.

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