PrecisionCodeWorks Announces Launch Offering Companies a Fast and Easy way to Calibrate engine ECUs

PrecisionCodeWorks is a recently launched company offering businesses in this area a proven effective, fast and easy way to better calibrate vehicle ECUs.

Online PR News – 09-April-2015 – Liverpool – For businesses who calibrate their client's vehicle ECUs having the best files to work from is an absolute must for optimal performance. PrecisionCodeWorks is a recently launched company who are clear experts in this area. Founded and operated by a team of qualified digital technicians and qualified calibration engineers, the company is building a quick, solid reputation for saving their clients time, money and making them more effective than ever.

“We are passionate about providing a fast high quality file tuning service, saving our clients time and money,” commented a spokesperson from PrecisionCodeWorks. “What we're offering is a breakthrough service, and there's really no one else in the industry today that's providing what we're offering. It's a win/win all around, and our reviews and feedback back that up completely.”

According to the company, the service is very easy to use. A tuning company using their tuning tool gets the calibration from the ECU and upload it to PrecisionCodeWorks service, were the they then automatically identify the ECU, re-calibrate their tuning file to set profiles (Sport, Performance or Economy for Diesel, or Stage 1 for petrol). The client then take this file and flash it onto the vehicle ECU. The end result is quick, easy and incredibly impressive, taking just 30 – 40 seconds to get the ECU remap file from PrecisionCodeWorks.

The service covers diesel vehicles, petrol (gasoline) vehicles, DPF solutions, EGR solutions, fuel economy calculator, Dynamometer Graphs, Protocol Lookups, actual map views; an average 30 second build time and wholesale cost per file of just £25 GBP (34 EUR, 38 USD).

To say clients are enthusiastic about PrecisionCodeWorks is quite an understatement.

Gary Martin, recently said in a five star review, “Top class. Always there and know their stuff. Files are spot on. Wish I knew these guys ages ago.”

Meanwhile Warren Lily had this to say: “After been round the world trying DPF files, we have used 30+ from PrecisionCodeWorks's team, with outstanding results, no problems no faults, their tuned files are are the best results we have ever seen. Back up and support is always there. We will always use PCW, and highly recommend to others. Thanks PCW. Keep up the great work.”

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