Amazing German Hat PinsFor OktoberfestNow Available With Daniel Licht

What was worn only by the Bavarian hunters and the nobility to add panache to their hats is now available with a manufacturer of German novelty items.

Online PR News – 09-April-2015 – Oley, Pennsylvania – The German hat was incomplete without the hat pins. The Tyrolean hats originated from the Alps and were made from wool or felt. They may have a corded, color hatband and a spray of feathers or flowers on them.Many people decorate these hats with the hat pins.

When you choose one of the many German hat pins, your hat is turned into an unrivalled and a special accessory that you would be proud to look at. Wearing a Tyrolean hat and a hat pin transformsyou into an object of everyone’s admiration. Especially when you visit the Oktoberfest in Germany with a hat, the Gamsbart (goat’s beard), the feathers, and the hat pin, you would look like a true German Gent.The Oktoberfest is the biggest carnival in the world and you would need to dress appropriately for it. To know more, please visit

One could wear these in style along with the other accessories to the Oktoberfest and recreate the magic of the golden past – right here, right now. Daniel Licht is a company that manufactures not only German hats, but also hat pins, Beer Steins,German traditional clothing and muchmore. The amazing collection of hat pins from Daniel Licht exhibit variegated designs. The models include the Edelweiss pin, the German Coat of Arms pin, the Bad Ischl pin, the cane with a boot and a hat pin, the German castle pin, and even a cable car.

“I want the world to know how much fun it is to celebrate the Oktoberfest. The German culture is a rich culture and I am just doing my due diligence in continuing this rich heritage,” said a smiling Daniel Licht.

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