Mobile Passport App Launched By Us Customs and Border Protection for Public Convenience

The mobile app launched by US Customs and Border Protection has been made available for people holding US and Canadian passports.

Online PR News – 09-April-2015 – San Francisco, CA – Filling up traditional forms for customs and passport declaration are soon going to be passé. The US Customs and Border Protection are trying to make the affair easier and less time taking by introducing a mobile app, with which US travelers will be able to submit their customs and passport declaration details via a tablet or smartphone. There will be no need of standing in long queues for submitting those forms anymore thus saving time and minimizing efforts on part of the travelers. The launch of the mobile app took place at the Miami International Airport. The app can be downloaded on all Android smartphones as well as on iOS.

The mobile app launched by US Customs and Border Protection has been made available for people holding US and Canadian passports. Canadian passport holders will require having B1 and B2 visas. Using the app is extremely simple and anyone using a smartphone can do the same. The app needs to be downloaded initially. A profile of the traveler needs to be created in the app by providing detailed passport information of the traveler and a selfie of his/her. It is also possible to create multiple profiles of travelers as the app offers provisions of creating profiles for families traveling together.

On submission of the passport and customs declaration form via the app, the traveler receives an electronic receipt with an encrypted QR (Quick Response) code. The receipt remains valid till 4 hours after being issued by CBP. After this, travelers need to bring their passport, the electronic receipt with the QR code and the mobile device to the CBP officer at the airport kiosk. This marks the final stage of inspection for the travelers for them to get entry into the United States of America. The main ambition of getting this technology implemented is to enhance the passenger experience as much as possible.

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