RFMicron Announces Wireless, Single-chip, Passive Temperature Sensor and Turnkey End-to-End Solution

The new temperature sensor is as part of RFMicron’s end-to-end solution for markets such as healthcare, construction, automotive, and Internet of Things.

Online PR News – 08-April-2015 – Austin, Texas – RFMicron Corporation, an RFID Industry leader in smart passive sensing, today introduced a wireless, passive, single chip temperature sensor and an end-to-end system solution, which fully integrates sensors and sensor readers into a turnkey solution. The new temperature sensor complements RFMicron’s recently launched Magnus® S moisture sensor chip, which is a Best New Product Finalist at the upcoming 2015 RFID Journal LIVE! Awards.

The Magnus® S temperature sensor is intended to serve new and existing markets, such as industrial, construction, healthcare, and Internet of Things (IoT). The Magnus® S sensor, which is fully passive and does not require a microcontroller, provides typical accuracies up to ±0.3°C from 0°C to +50°C and ±1°C over the −40°C to +85°C temperature range, depending on the calibration technique. The Magnus® S sensor harvests energy from the transmitted UHF signal by the reader, works in the 860-960 MHz frequency range, and complies with the EPC Gen 2 standard. RFMicron will initially offer engineering samples based on a general purpose “dipole-tag” having an inlay die-cut size of 148 mm x 15.875 mm with an antenna measuring 145.84 mm x 7.62 mm and sensitivity of -17.1 dBm.

We continue to add more sensing capabilities to our Magnus® S family product while maintaining the highest level of consistency quality and performance

To better enable application deployment and support instant use cases which can be deployed within customer’s existing IT infrastructure, RFMicron has developed an end-to-end system with select partners so that customers can quickly deploy the sensors into high volume applications. As part of this complete turnkey solution, RFMicron and its partners have created an application programming interface (API) support to readily capture moisture and temperature sensor data using handheld readers. In addition, RFMicron is expanding its partner base, supporting RFMicron sensor solution.

"We continue to add more sensing capabilities to our Magnus® S family product, while maintaining the highest level of consistency, quality and performance," said Shahriar Rokhsaz, the CEO of RFMicron. "Our focus is to offer ICs, which enable our customers to deploy a new class of low-cost, disposable, wireless, and battery-free sensors, with unique sensing capabilities, into a number of market verticals, including automotive, healthcare, construction, and especially the rapidly expanding IoT. In short, our mission is to connect the unconnected, sense its surrounding, and make the data available on the greater internet."

RFMicron’s Magnus® S temperature sensor (engineering sample part# RFM-5300AT-ESR2) will be available immediately following the RFID Journal LIVE! 2015 tradeshow.

Learn more about the new Magnus® S temperature sensors and discover RFMicron’s innovative wireless, smart passive sensor solutions @ RFID Journal LIVE!, booth #936, 15-17 April 2015, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California.

About RFMicron

RFMicron produces ICs that enable a new class of low-cost, wireless, microcontroller-free, and battery-free sensors. These autonomous chips incorporate RF energy harvesting and sensing circuits that detect and respond to a variety of environmental stimuli. These sensors provide the economies of scale necessary to drive pervasive deployment into very-high-volume applications, e.g. for the automotive, construction, energy and healthcare industries.

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