Microsoft To Explain What Designers Must Learn From Its Hyperscale Experience

Microsoft’s Hyperscale Data Center Architect Brad Booth delivers keynote address “From Silicon to System: How Hyperscale Impacts Your Design” April 15th at 2:40

Online PR News – 07-April-2015 – Santa Clara, CA – The Ethernet Technology Summit (“ETS”) is pleased to announce that Brad Booth, Microsoft’s Azure Networking Principal Architect, will present a keynote titled “From Silicon to System: How Hyperscale Impacts Your Design“. The keynote will occur on April 15th from 2:40 to 3:10 pm at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. Mr. Booth will discuss what designers must learn from Microsoft’s experience with its hyperscale data centers, involving hundreds of thousands or millions of servers handling a huge and varied range of problems.

In such centers, the slightest changes can have huge effects on cost and performance, so operators must have standards, methods, and products that are low-cost, bare-bones, provide immediate payback, scale easily, and get every possible bit of performance for each application. What hyperscale data centers use can provide similar benefits for smaller data centers. Furthermore, as the hyperscale centers become ever more dominant in the marketplace, smaller data centers will find they must follow the hyperscale choices or end up paying higher prices for lower-volume products. Typical current hyperscale choices include next generation software defined networking, the latest in on board silicon optics, and cost/performance optimized Ethernet standards such as 25 GbE.

From Silicon to System: How Hyperscale Impacts Your Design

“We are delighted to have Brad, one of Microsoft’s main hyperscale data center architects, discuss the latest design successes and challenges in large scale design. Microsoft is on the frontline of building huge networks, and Brad can show us some of the latest design choices and why they have been made,” said Lance Leventhal, Ethernet Technology Chairman.

Now in its 6th year, ETS 2015 will be held April 14-16 in Santa Clara. ETS 2015 is all things Ethernet design including open source switching, the Internet of Things, software defined networking, 25/50 GbE, and the future of Ethernet. ETS 2015 is currently experiencing projected registration 40% above the 2014 level. Other keynote speakers include Cisco Systems, IXIA, Qlogic, the Ethernet Alliance, and the Dell’Oro Group. ETS 2015 also features a special history session with Internet pioneer and co-inventor Larry Roberts, the IT Brand Pulse Awards Show, and an exhibit floor showcasing the latest in Ethernet design technology.

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