Actress Christine Kim Slated to Star in Upcoming Film 'A-Muse'

South Korean actress Christine Kim will play the starring role of Jane in the upcoming film "A-Muse" directed by Stephanie Bodkin.

Online PR News – 05-April-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Actress Christine Kim has that girl next-door look casting directors in Hollywood are looking for. Originally born in Seoul, South Korea Kim has known she was destined to be an actress since childhood.

She was recently cast to play the starring role in the upcoming film "A-Muse," which is being produced by Bodkin Pictures and was written by Derek Ziarkowski, the writer behind "Checkmate" and the upcoming TV miniseries "Lady."

Set to begin shooting later this year, "A-Muse" follows Christine Kim in the leading role of Jane, a mousy literary assistant who finds herself in a difficult situation as the publisher she works for sends her on a mission to find a missing author whose manuscript needs finishing.

"I cast Christine because I believe she has the simplicity that the character calls for. I was looking for a girl that the audience can identify with. Someone young and seemingly innocent," explains Stephanie Bodkin, the director of "A-Muse."
"Given Christine's nationality I knew we could reach a wider audience."

Over the course of the film Jane is forced to realize that, much like the author of the unfinished manuscript, she too has never seen anything through to completion in her life.

The film will also weave in a bit of romance between Jane and a co-worker, who serves as the driving force that constantly reminds her of what she really wants out of life.

"This is a story that asks the viewer to look within themselves to find the strength to pursue their dreams," says Bodkin. "I believe the audience will look into Christine's simple beauty and drive and realize that we can either sit around waiting for things to happen (like the character did) or we can get up and chase what we want in life and make our dreams come true."

Bodkin adds, "Christine has a beautiful story to tell and I believe she has the skill and the passion to tell it."


With a lead as beautiful and talented as Christine Kim, "A-Muse" is sure to be a hit among international audiences. Unlike her character in the film, Kim has accomplished a great deal in her life; and, with several other upcoming projects set for release this year the young South Korean actress shows no signs of stopping.

Last year Kim wrote, produced and starred in the film "Better Than Normal," which was screened at Warner Bros. Studios and was an Official Selection of the California Women's Film Festival.

The film brings to life the story of a young woman whose moral values as a devout Christian have led her to lead a celibate life with a pledge of remaining a virgin until her wedding night.

As a whole "Better Than Normal" encompasses themes of peer pressures and moral value in a way that causes us to question whether "fitting in" is really all that it's cracked up to be.

Kim says, "It’s based on my actual life as a young Christian woman being in a relationship with her Christian man."

"It portrays the peer pressure I personally have gone through, including from my best friends; and the temptations and struggles of wanting to have sex with the man I love."

As a person Kim exudes dedication, a facet of her character that is equally apparent in her work as an actress.

In the theater production of "Honour" presented at Hollywood's ACME Theatre, Kim took on the challenging role of Sophie, a young woman whose father's mistress not only breaks up the family, but turns out to be someone she went to college school with.

While Kim's strengths on stage and on camera are diverse, the "smart Asian" cliché is unavoidable. The young star's intelligence is a key factor, and the difference between those who build a lasting career and those who burn out like yesterday's it-girl.

Back home in South Korea, Christine Kim learned the majority of her skills in English by listening to the language day and night through American pop songs, movies, and English tapes and repeating after them.

Kim is currently the voice of the Korean teacher on Age of Learning's, a program that teachers across America love for its utility in teaching youngsters math, reading and cultural skills.

For Kim, it was her love for acting that led her to the U.S., but it is her industry awareness that has kept her working.

"My type right now is the girl next door, high school student, college girl, and inevitably and clearly, the Asian female student," Kim honestly discloses. "I feel like my roles are slightly limited, but I guess it will help me stay in this business a bit longer than many people."

Christine Kim's young look allows her to play high school students naturally; in fact, it wouldn't even be a stretch to see her playing a middle school student.

"I hope I can play women in their 20s-30s when I'm in my 40s," she says laughingly.

Kim was recently featured in Apple's iPad2 commercial entitled "Change", which began airing nationally in the U.S. on broadcast and cable networks just in time for Christmas in 2014.

In addition to the upcoming film "A-Muse," the actress will also be featured in an episode of the upcoming television series "Real Rob," starring and directed by Rob Schneider.