Fresh Phenom Launches New Line Of T-shirts To Benefit Dream Do Come True Foundation

Fresh Phenom launches new line of T-shirts that are unique. A brand new website is also launched to promote the sales of the new line of T-shirts. Part of each sale will be donated to Dreams Do Come True.

Online PR News – 25-March-2009 – – NY,US - The clothes that we wear tell who we are and all of us spend a lot of time in selecting our clothes for the same reason. We always look for something new, something different and something that will help us reflect our personality. Undoubtedly, what we wear has a tremendous impact on others. It also reflects what we are up to. If we are in business suit, we mean serious business; if we are in summer wear it would mean relaxation and so on. Therefore, our clothes are an integral part of our life and not just something that covers our body.

For those who have been looking for T-Shirts that are unique and different, Fresh Phenom has some good news. Fresh Phenom is launching a new line of T shirts that will meet your unique taste and craving for wearing something different. Fresh Phenom T-shirts will be nothing like your average T shirts as it has a philosophy of its own. It is for people who look for meaning in every thing that they do and not for an average person.

Fresh Phenom T-Shirt comes with a unique definition of its own. Fresh Phenom T-shirt tries to convey to the world that we are phenomenal in the sense that each one of us is unique. Our uniqueness is to be seen in the special talent or special gift that all of us are born with or developed over the years. These talents make us a star of our own right without having to be a celebrity. All these sentiments are expressed in the Fresh Phenom T-shirts through the star and face logo. The face is the representation of each one of us that is wearing Fresh Phenom T-shirt and the Star indicates that each one of us is indeed a superstar. You are that star and you are that Fresh Phenom.

Besides the unique definition, what is special about Fresh Phenom. Fresh Phenom has a noble cause and to support that cause it will donate a certain percentage of each sale to Dreams Do Come True, which is an organization that make the dreams of kids between 5 and 18 come true. This organization helps kids in the above category by helping them achieve their dreams irrespective of their financial status, physical condition, sex or race. As Fresh Phenom creates a 'Feel Good Lifestyle', Dreams Do Come True makes kids feel good about themselves by achieving their dreams. Therefore, by buying Fresh Phenom T shirts, we become part of this noble cause that shapes our future.

Fresh Phenom is launching its brand new website on 24th of April 2009. This new website can be accessed through the following link:

All the Fresh Phenom T-shirts are very reasonably priced to ensure that everyone can afford their T shirts. The T shirts are also reasonably priced to encourage more people to take part in making the dream of the kids come true. While the cost of the Fresh Phenom T shirts is reasonable, they do not compromise on the quality of the T-shirts. As each shirt is of finest quality.

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