Feedonomics Announces New Comparison Shopping Feed Platform

Feedonomics simplifies and improves the data feed process for higher visibility and increased accuracy.

Online PR News – 03-April-2015 – Woodland Hills, CA – Feedonomics (www.feedonomics.com) has announced the launch of its online shopping feed platform that simplifies the process of updating Comparative Shopping Engines (CSEs). The new platform was designed to eliminate the challenges and limitations that traditional feed platforms present while improving data accuracy.

Comparison shopping plays a crucial role in ecommerce, and more than half of all online buying decisions are influenced by data found on Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs). There are dozens of CSEs, which represent some of the biggest names in online shopping, such as Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay and Shopify. Listing on these sites can greatly increase an online retailer’s visibility and credibility, with a direct impact on sales and conversions. By the same token, even seemingly minor inaccuracies can put a serious dent in a retailer’s bottom line. Feedonomics simplifies the entire process of creating, updating and maintaining this data to ensure consistency and accuracy across dozens of sites.

“Product data is incredibly dynamic,” explains Feedonomics CEO Shawn Lipman. “Prices rise and fall, products are added and removed, and inventory is constantly changing. We know first-hand how challenging it can be to keep everything up-to-date, and none of the existing solutions offered the level of flexibility and precision we needed.”

The company’s firsthand experience in managing shopping feeds is evidenced by key features such as flexible rule setting, consistency through automation, unlimited uploads, and a wealth of invaluable analytics data. Lipman notes. “We started as a team of SEM Analysts who spent years managing feeds for clients, so we are all too familiar with the day to day challenges. We built Feedonomics to make our lives easier, but soon realized that our solution would benefit anyone tasked with managing shopping feeds.”

Feedonomics allows users to export data to multiple shopping engines seamlessly and effortlessly. Once products are mapped to Google’s category taxonomy, the platform automatically translates the mapping to other engines, eliminating the need for manual mapping. Price, product and inventory changes can easily be updated as often as necessary, ensuring product data is consistent and accurate wherever feeds are carried. Bulk changes are simplified, making updating even thousands of products fast and easy. In-depth analytics provide users with insight into performance data down to individual SKUs for comprehensive information from multiple engines in one place.

For more information about Feedonomics and how it can redefine the way companies select, feed and update Comparison Shopping Engines, visit www.feedonomics.com.

About Feedonomics:
Feedonomics is designed to simplify and streamline the online shopping feed management process. Based in Woodland Hills, California, Feedonomics is designed by SEM analysts for SEM analysts, with one central mission: shopping feeds made simple.