Award-winning Chinese Film Director Found For 'Disappeared Fish' Comedy

Jing Wen Selected to Direct Comedy Feature

Online PR News – 03-April-2015 – LOS ANGELES – Jing Wen, one of China's most outstanding burgeoning film and TV directors, has been selected to direct "The Disappeared Fish," a forthcoming feature comedy film from Bai Ge Zhuang Film & Media Company.

The fish-out-water story follows a male protagonist who moves from a village to the city, becomes a construction worker and develops an unlikely bond with his bosses' son that changes him in ways he'd never envisioned.

"It's really based on Chinese society," said Wen, who directed the short film, "A, B, C or D?" which screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner and won the 2014 Best Microfilm award at the Golden Pomegranate International Short Film Festival hosted by The Chinese Television Artists Association (CTAA). "I think it's for a lot of young people and for the children to have the educational experience, and for older people because they know about society right now. The main character undergoes a lot of change through his experiences with his family and with his bosses' son."

Co-directed by Ji Wang, “The Disappeared Fish” is now in development and is scheduling to shoot later this year in Beijing. It will premiere at 2016 film festivals and release theatrically thereafter in China.

"The movie has a lot of elements in it," said production supervisor Te Zhou. "It's a comedy, but it's full of love, conscience and their dark side. The movie will attract young people and middle-aged people to go to the theater. Finally, Jing is good at expressing humanity and has good control at the whole movie's storytelling."

Wen, a Chongqing native, trained and cultivated her cinematic storytelling craft at the renowned New York Film Academy (NYFA) and the Communication University of China Nanjing.

Its a comedy but its full of love conscience and their dark side. The movie will attract young people and middle-aged people to go to the theater. Finally Jing is good at expressing humanity and has good control at the whole movies storytelling.

At NYFA, Wen directed seven films and one music video, including the short film, “Ten,” was was an official selection at the 2014 Television and Broadcasting New Media Short Film Competition.

The filmmaking prodigy directed a TV premiere event for the hit show, “The Legend of the Condor Heroes,” when she was just 19 years old. The show received the 3rd prize of Entertainment Information Award from the CTAA and is the only program in Chong Qing TV Station history to gain a top 10 nationwide audience rating.

"The Disappeared Fish" is Wen's first foray into comedy and is a project she also helped in scripting. "Comedy is really done by good actors' performances,” she said. “With the purpose of making the audience laugh, the script and dialogue becomes really important."

In 2013, Wen directed a program for the United Nations called "Voices of Africa Mothers" which focused on a conference and Gala award that attracted First Lady representatives of 10 different countries to attend.

For the Jing Li U.S. Company, Wen directed a program where she interviewed Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon (“Dead Man Walking”), Citi Bank Asian Department Director Ada Liu and others. She also directed a Chinese TV program and promo video at the 2013 New York Couture Fashion Week, working with the event's founder, Andres Aquino, and with world renowned designers.

Wen directed a program of Yu Le Pai for the Chongqing TV Station where she interviewed more than 100 celebrities, politicians and writers including Jackie Chan, Eason Chan and Leehom Wang.

For China's Hunan Economic TV Station, Wen directed six shows including the nationwide talent show, “Blossoming Flowers” and she also initiated a new show segment called “Flower Guardian,” which grew the show's broadcast audience viewership.

In support of the Yushu earthquake of 2010, Wen performed in an integral directing role for the Stars Hotlines District that fundraised disaster relief for the TV show “Never Give Up, Give our Greetings for Life.”

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