The Fun Party Game for Teens And Up

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Online PR News – 03-April-2015 – Berwickshire – You and Me Games Ltdhave just launched a fun new party game for teens and up called Funny Feeling.

You game is available for pre-order on

Funny Feeling consists of 900 questions, actions and lyrics and over 100 feelings and roles. When playing Funny Feeling you mime the actions and sing or say the lyrics in one of a range of feelings and/or roles, often with hilarious results, as the rest of your team try and guess which feeling and role it is.

You might end up miming “Making a snowman” as a Romantic Zombie, or singing “Just keep swimming” as a Shy Princess.

The game’s premise is mainly that it’s great fun, however it could also help develop your EQ (emotional intelligence). One of the co-creators, Martin Woods has a degree in Psychology and has worked in management training. He says:

“As you play the game, you see how other people interpret a wide range of emotions and characteristics. Ask cards also give you an insight into how other players feel about some bizarre and wonderful questions. Without even realising it, this helps you to understand how other people display emotions and also gives you an insight into how your own emotions are being interpreted”.

The game was invented by Indigoextra Ltd, a multilingual graphic design and web design business, who created the whole design for the game, including fold-out rules as a full colour infographic. Visit to read more details about their game design service.

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