Launch of 360° Online Autism Home Therapy – A Deal With Autism® Initiative

The global autism community, Deal With Autism® is going to start their autism support program called 360° Online Autism Home Therapy, from May, 2015.

Online PR News – 03-April-2015 – Walnut California – In their mission to assist and support people dealing and coping with autism every day of their lives, DW Autism makes another great effort with their upcoming autism support program, the 360° Online Autism Home Therapy. After the overwhelming response from parents who participated in the first batch, the global autism community is bringing it back on popular demand.

The Online Autism Home program incorporates a need for structure, individual performance and monitoring results at timely intervals. The first step in the 360° Autism Home Therapy program is goal setting, where an activity plan is created particularly for short and medium term goals for the child to achieve. Once goals have been established, the next step is to determine target lessons towards specific developmental and behavioral needs of the child. The final step in the wheel is adaptive monitoring for the child’s success and progress. This will also include time-to-time revision of goals and objectives based on the development.

Deal With Autism® first introduced the 360° program to support autistic children to cope with communication and social deficiencies. Emphasizing on the potential of this multifaceted online autism therapy, DW Autism spokesperson mentioned, “This is an ideal learning therapy which integrates key teaching and learning strategies for school and extracurricular for children with ASD”. Furthering the objective of the program, the spokesperson added, “The effective strategies can also help alleviate behavioral problems and motor dysfunctions based on proven therapeutic play sessions.”

Talking about the program’s popularity, DW Autism representative stated, “Upon the stupendous success reported by parents from our first batch, we are delighted to open the gates for a second round of intakes. If you are keen to take charge of your child's future, this program might be the one for you!”

About Deal With Autism®

Deal With Autism® is dedicated to the cause of autism. Ideas and measures are suggested to help families cope with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is not a personal situation; it is a universal concern and thus demands attention on a global scale. Deal With Autism® is one of many steps towards understanding and working with individuals with such conditions. They help parents or family members understand and connect to their loved one who has autism. More information about Deal With Autism® and their autism program can be found on their website: