S Earth Recycling San Luis Obispo Goes Online

Longtime recycling business, S Earth Recycling, has teamed up with top marketing professionals to take their recycling centers to the next level.

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – Oceano, CA – The need to reduce litter and establish a container recycling program in California, prompted thee State Legislature to pass the Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act (1986). This act set a refund value on beverage containers and established a system for consumers to redeem their containers.

The California redemption value (CRV), is the amount consumers pay on top of the price of their beverages. Consumers can get their CRV back, by redeeming their beverage containers at a certified recycling center. Certified by the state of California, S Earth Recycling is authorized to reimberse the official CRV for aluminum cans, as well as plastic and glass beverage containers purchased in California.

S Earth is committed to providing excellent service to San Luis Obispo County, with a conveniently simple process, clean properties, and a safe environment. While the reimbersement is an incentive for our customers, the reduction in litter and increased landfill diversions, are additional benefits we can all benefit from.

Recycling conserves our valuable natural resources, it saves energy, is better for our air, and water. Recycling also helps our economy by providing jobs, and putting cash directly back into the pockets of consumers.