The Richmond Hill Medical Rehab Centre announces a new service: Anti cellulite massage therapy.

Richmond Hill Medical Rehab Centre provides registered massage therapy to the area customers for 16 years. The therapy helps women with cellulite issues.

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – Richmond Hill, Ontorio, Canada – The centre plans to attract more customers with introduction of this program. It is also spreading word among area doctors, hoping to deliver message on how effective this treatment can be. The company is also motivated to offer benefits of personalized attention at affordable charges to all their clients.
Richmond Hill Rehab Centre was established in 1999. It offers numerous services, such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, reflexology, pelvic floor rehabilitation and acupuncture. They have many years of experience in dealing with accident-related injuries, like motor vehicle, slip and fall, and work related injuries. The center promises effective patient care in multiple disciplines under one roof to each client.
Massage therapy treatments in general are aimed at the growing base of people, interested in general relaxation, reduction of stress and pain reduction. More and more individuals are referring to this therapy for that same reason. It is believed that massage therapy can provide relief to individuals suffering from muscular overuse or chronic pain syndromes, headaches, anxiety, depression, whiplash, gastrointestinal disorders, sports injuries, insomnia, post stroke challenges and many more. Many research studies support positive effects of the massage therapy on a human body.
In recent years, deeper understanding of cellulite origins, and realization that it's not just an unsightly cosmetic issue, but actually as a physical problem, helped medical society to seek new and effective treatments, other than creams and gels. There is a huge demand for an effective treatment. And Richmond Hill Rehab Centre is proud and excited to offer this massage therapy technique to their new and repeated clients.
The center employs knowledgeable staff, has state of the art facilities, experienced therapists and a pleasing environment. They also promise latest practices and equipments to help patients. The centre trains their staff to show compassion and empathy towards each patient.