New Husband 2.0 Book Offers Real Male Enhancement

A Proven Personal Upgrade Manual for Men: How to be Great Lovers, Survive Unemployment

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – MIAMI, FL – Author Herb Ellis announced today that he has published Husband 2.0: Real Male Enhancement, a humorous, to-the-point non-fiction book that serves as a manual to help men “upgrade themselves” and increase their value to the women in their lives. Inspired by the classic question put to wives, “What price would you put on your Husband?” Husband 2.0 covers such topics as becoming a great lover, surviving unemployment, taking care of yourself, how to get her in the mood, and much more.

“It’s not the easiest time to be a man,” said Ellis. “But, that’s not an excuse, honestly. And, a lot of men make things extra hard on themselves for no reason. When a man has low self-esteem issues, he also has masculinity issues – He does not know what or who he is and therefore, does not know what he should be doing in life. He loses his place in all relationships and the stability of the whole household suffers. Yet, he is the only person that can make the required changes and adapt. That’s what this book is all about. It’s a manual for men to change their lives.”

Husband 2.0 is now available in hardcopy and a Kindle edition. The book is not just the opinion of one man. It is a compilation of wisdom from hundreds of men about what works in life, love and relationships, and what doesn’t. The book offers practical advice and straight talk on increasing a man’s capability, resourcefulness, and desirability. Husband 2.0 addresses the “How.” Each section of Husband 2.0 has been vetted against real-world, real life experiences. Ellis has gone one step further, initiating discussions pertaining to each topic in the book in the only place that a man will speak openly and honestly outside of therapy, the neighborhood barbershop.

The author is native of Miami, Florida. He is a husband and father of three. His logical approach to life stems from of all things, logic. It is no surprise that his writing style is more right to the point and without the fluff of most writers in his genre. He is a Network Operations Administrator for a Fortune 500 company and an avid musician.

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