Pro Desks Announces the New Mongoose Laptop Truck Desk for the Ford 2015 All Aluminum Body Trucks

Pro Desks has just announced that the brand new aluminum body Ford F 150 for the 2015 will have its best desk available, the Mongoose.

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – Grand Forks, BC – This new laptop truck desk by Pro Desks is on the leading edge of technology and mobile computing with an advanced custom designed base plate that fits the all new seat rail patterns of the new F 150. The Mongoose currently is the only mobile computing desk available to bolt into the new Fords with no modifications.
Mobile computing has just become much easier with the new Mongoose. This truck desk features height adjustability, it has a fully rotational pedestal, with the new gear lock mechanism with 15 degree adjustments. This new gear rotational device is the best in the industry, far stronger than the old style friction fit desks of the past.
The new Mongoose slide is revolutionary in mobile laptop mounts in that it features a 9 inch slide mechanism that allows the operator to position the arm using the new gear rotational locks, then slide the desk directly toward them for a full 18 inch reach. Totally awesome to work on!
The new 2015 F150 laptop truck desk leaves all the passenger seat area available for a passenger and with this new rotational slide system it takes up way less space than all other models.
Merv Carlson – President of Pro Desks had this to say: “ The new Mongoose for the 2015 is the top desk we carry, and in fact is the best desk in the industry. It’s one of the strongest on the market and it is by far the easiest desk to use in the truck. With all the controls to position, move and adjust this desk right out near the operator it’s way more ergonomic than all other models that force you to reach way over to the pedestal to adjust.
This new base is custom built to match the floor seat bolt positions exactly so you can install this in your new F 150 Aluminum and it’s as professional and finished as your truck. It’s our best desk for one of the top trucks on the road today.”
You can view all the features of the new aluminum top for the Mongoose and the full locking capabilities over at the Pro Desks website found here. Laptop Truck Desks (
About Pro Desks: Pro Desks, located in North America, is a popular online firm providing useful vehicle laptop mounting systems for vehicle owners. They offer a wide range of laptop desk selections for many types of vehicles: cars, trucks, cargo vans, SUVs, semi-trucks, big rigs and police vehicles.