Scallop Software announces their Partnership with GoToMarket GmbH

Scallop Software, Inc., a developer of enterprise application platforms built on a robust & Big-Data back-end, announces their partnership with GoToMarket GmbH

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – Los Atos, cA – Scallop Software, Inc., a developer of enterprise application platforms built on a highly robust and unbreakable Big-Data back-end, announces their partnership with GoToMarket Group and Partners GmbH (GTM). The partnership enables Scallop Software Inc. to take advantage of GTM’s global strengths in Technology Commercialization and Channel Partner Services. GTM’s quest is to enable long-term, collaborative and sustainable business relationships for Scallop Software Inc.
GTM works across EMEA, USA, and emerging economies.
Scallop Software, Inc. focus is Managing Data, Big Data, and Lots of Data. The platform’s singularly robust and versatile big-data back-end lends itself to persistent, comprehensive and rich indexing and analysis of every single component of every communication carried out across the platform, no matter the source, and enables a complete and permanent repository of invaluable knowledge and information for the enterprise.
You know first-hand how important a well-organized collaboration solution is for success. Collaboration to be complete must truly be all inclusive, contextual, accessible and ubiquitous – from voice, to messaging, conferencing, calling, chatting, exchanging documents, managing tasks - and most importantly all this data must be captured no matter the format or the source!
Conversations produce data, lots of data. Why bother with a collaboration solution if you are not going to have total access to all the data resulting from the collaboration? Today’s workforce is transient; nearly one quarter of today’s millennial generation believe that employers should only expect them to stay on the job for about one year. So what does one statement have to do with the other? The person starting the conversation may not be the one ending the conversation. But the project is still moving forward. How and who is going to get this new person up to speed? Social Scallop. That big-data back-end is the key to everything.
But what if your data isn’t conversation, what if your data is data? It doesn’t matter, because data is data. No matter Who or What is producing the data Scallop will capture, aggregate, store, manage and report your data the way you need it. When layered with the Collaboration and Communication platform you can communicate about the data. We facilitate person to machine to person conversations.
Think Internet of Things PLUS massive collaboration!

GTM’s mission is to enable Scallop Software to capture new market opportunities.
GTM is based at:
GTM GmbH - GoToMarket Group and Partners
Kirschbluetenweg 3
40627 Dusseldorf Germany
+49 211 208 201

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