New Children's Book Collection Featuring Inspiring E-book, “The Lollipop That No One Wanted To Buy”

Find out how to develop your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and being a friend. Teach your child the value in giving with simple monetary principles. Beautifu

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – New York City, New York – To help develop your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and explore what being a real friend is all about, is this e-book’s focus. Teach your child the value in giving instead of greed through simple monetary principles using this beautifully illustrated e-book, “The Lollipop That No One Wanted To Buy”. This beautifully illustrated children’s book to wow children of any age; and is for children of all ages.

Learn the lessons of the lollipop’s struggle to feel ‘wanted’ and sought out by the need for friendship. We all want to have friends, and we want to feel that someone cares. Loneliness is a part of life. We’re not always good at dealing with it or realizing why we’re not always liked for ‘who we are.’ Blending business literacy with monetary principles, the lollipop’s story isn’t all its own, as it guides your child into understanding that we really are likeable in a sense that we ourselves don’t always know or realize it because we’re hiding behind our ‘wrapper’ …our exterior that shelters the outside world from the real and likeable ‘us.’

This is a children’s story that places real meaning and value on the core definition of who we are is not what everyone thinks about us, it’s what we think about ourselves. When you share this story, your child will be inspired to know and realize his or her own self-worth and value, just like the lollipop that no one wanted to buy.

Promote positive self-esteem and confidence in your child now to face living in this world where everything and not everyone will always be accepted. The Lollipop That No One Wanted To Buy is a fun read anytime… with the whole family… before bedtime… or as a self-read for older children. Teachers… Educators will find this a value resource for teaching these core values to individual students and entire classes.

About the author: Nicole Anderson is an author, illustrator, poet, and designer of many books for children, including, most recently, “Seasons: There Is A Reason For Everything”, “Hummingbird: Flutter Your Way Home”, “The Wisdom Tree”, “The Lollipop That No One Wanted To Buy”, “What Does Your Garden Grow?”, “Sea of Dreams”, “Spoken Like A Rose”, “Journey To Being”, “Faces” and “Lilac Feather”.

Nicole creates art and imaginative stories depicted through beautifully illustrated graphics and text integration. Her non-children’s books include the “Window of Within” (book series), which was also the recipient of the Readers' Favorite Five Stars honor in Nature, as well as, “A Thousand Miles of Paradise” (book series), which was also the recipient of the Readers' Favorite Five Stars honor in Nature and Spirituality. Readers' Favorite, in these recent five star reviews, stated " The author's observations are profound and put forth in a simple manner that is easy to comprehend. It is a book that will take you on a journey of spiritual discovery and it teaches readers to look at life with a different perspective." And " The poet has taken a lot of time in detailing the intricacies and the nuances of Nature that are refreshing and rejuvenating for the soul." Additional books include, “Unconventional Wisdom”, “What is Life trying to tell me?” and “Unearthed”.

Many of her books have catapulted out of her long-time interest in well-being, philosophy and spirituality. Her books inspire and explore ideals of living the best life and living your true self; our inherent purpose, destiny and "calling" life has brought us here for. Her publications include nonfiction and fiction for all readers, to include poetry, and picture books for children. Today, she continues to write these books, with the goal of inspiring all ages, especially children in establishing moral character, and refinement of Christian virtues and values throughout her stories. She believes that a good story and a beautifully illustrated and designed book is an excellent way to communicate ideas to children, as well as all ages.

Nicole came upon the ideas for her writings based upon years of seeking a quest to life's purposeful existence. Each story is based upon some integral emphasis and depth of life's core values and virtues that can make a substantial impact on the lives of both children and adults. She draws upon her life and experiences in disillusionment to gratification, in living a life of greater peace and happiness. She personally finds being in nature and listening to good music inspiring her creativity and artistic design style.

A prolific and versatile illustrator, artist and designer, she combines her faith, wisdom, and knowledge through application of art, writing, and integrated graphics. Her work has appeared in “The Washington Post” newspaper, Washington, DC Capitol Hill “Hill Rag” magazine and other publications. Nicole has had her artwork appear and exhibited on display, and on book covers, greeting cards and apparel.

She is the founder of Fine Lines Publishing, which publishes books dedicated to providing positive lifestyle change, well-being, and enrichment. At Fine Lines Publishing, Nicole has provided a platform for development of several titles. The latest publications from Fine Lines Publishing include the wonderful and beautifully illustrated children's books on faith, character building and refining morals, living with greater confidence and inner strength. These books are engaging and will make you smile, as the need for more happiness is inherent in today's world. These books will be surely loved by readers of all ages!

Outside of writing, her interests span travel, graphic design, interior design/architecture and photography.

Enrich your child’s life. Get your copy of “The Lollipop That No One Wanted To Buy” today!

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