TAUZIA Hotel Management chooses RateGain to Improve Rate Intelligence for its Brand Hotels

RateGain has been recently chosen by TAUZIA, the leading hotel and estate management, as well as consulting company in Indonesia

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – Noida , India – RateGain has been recently chosen by TAUZIA, the leading hotel and estate management, as well as consulting company in Indonesia, as a partner to improve rate intelligence for its brand hotels particularly in the Southeast Asia region. Its largest source markets include Indonesia, China, Australia, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia. TAUZIA will utilize RateGain’s rate intelligence tool – PriceGain - to boost its group hotels’ rate intelligence capabilities with accurate and comprehensive data.
Advanced rate intelligence enables hotels to maximize their revenues. Gathering and analyzing huge data sets about your competitors’ rate strategy is vital to the success of your hotel revenue strategy. RateGain, today, has one of the most advanced rate shopping systems that offers reliable rate intelligence technology to hoteliers worldwide. This robust tool continues to be the preferred choice of most hotel revenue managers and general managers globally. PriceGain draws accolades from global clients, and the solution’s user interface enables hoteliers to easily produce real time, on-demand rate shopping reports for their hotel with the highest reliability.

“We evaluated many rate intelligence solutions, and found that PriceGain is a powerful hotel rate intelligence solution with excellent user interface. This innovative tool helps us in analyzing room rates of our competitive set and rate positioning across various hotel brand sites and OTAs. We power our pricing decisions with real-time rate intelligence from PriceGain. The ease of use and level of reporting offer an excellent value,” said Yusuf IJsseldijk, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing at TAUZIA Hotel Management. This has powered improved communication and sharing of data among our group's hotel managers.

Bhanu Chopra, Founder & CEO, RateGain said, “We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with TAUZIA, one of Indonesia’s leading hotel management groups with many reputed properties under its brand. We aim to help a forward-thinking group like TAUZIA in improving its group’s rate shopping intelligence and build further on its success in a fiercely competitive and dynamic market.”

About TAUZIA Hotel Management

TAUZIA Hotel Management, established in 2001 is a network of 108 hotels in operations and development under the brands WorldHotels – a master franchise in the luxury segment; Préférence Hotels – a label for a collection of charm hotels; HARRIS hotels – healthy lifestyle midscale hotels; YELLO Hotels – the Netizen’s new economic hotels and POP! Hotels – for smart and eco-friendly travelers in the budget segment. Along with hotel management services TAUZIA provides as well Estate Management and consulting services. TAUZIA Hotel Management has a vision to build a blend of culture in management style, product management and services while promoting cultural diversity in the hospitality business. Follow us @tauziacorp and find out more on tauzia.com