New Insight To Recover Deleted File From USB Flash Drive.

This press release has been published to acquaint the audiences with the distinctive feature of the Company’s Pen Drive Recovery Software.

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – Gothenburg, Sweden, – Gothenburg, Sweden, 28th March, 2015:- The Pen Drive Recovery Software developed by the Company is known to exhibit distinct features. Through this press release the Company has aimed at notifying the world with the option offered by the software to recover deleted file from USB flash drive.

While working with a USB flash drive it is likely to happen that a file or folder stored in it is deleted mistakenly. This proves to be nerve racking in situations where losing certain files cannot be afforded. The Pen Drive Recovery Software is a comprehensive utility to effectively recover deleted files from the USB as well as corrupt, formatted files and folders from any USB flash drive. In addition to this, the software efficiently recovers corrupt and formatted files or folders from the drive. However, the tool has a certain limitation. It does not support recovery of hard deleted data files or folders.

Recently, the company successfully resolved a customer query regarding recovery of deleted files from his USB flash drive. The following testimonial was received shortly after.
Sam Roger said “I underwent an appalling situation trying to retrieve my crucial files that I had mistakenly deleted from the USB flash drive while transferring. However, it soon turned into a great relief with the Pen Drive Recovery Software. It amazingly helped me recover all my deleted files which was earlier deemed impossible”.

Evan Swans, Director of Product Development, was quoted as saying “The Company has always made an effort to meet the customer’s needs at the technical front. In that regard, we aim at providing precise solutions that are designed to effectively deal with majority of data disasters. Our 24x7 support system facilitates expert guidance to customers”.

Lab Director, Allegan, said “Pen Drive Recovery Software is a one of its kind utility in the field of data recovery. Its features are designed to successfully recover formatted pen drive data and corrupt or deleted files from USB flash drives. The software is available for download on the official website”.

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