Advanced Warfare Glitches – Understand Some Glitches

The term ‘call of duty’ itself creates a great enjoyment in the minds of First-person Shooter (FPS) Gamers.

Online PR News – 01-April-2015 – New York/USA – The term ‘call of duty’ itself creates a great enjoyment in the minds of First-person Shooter (FPS) Gamers. When this series started, it was a small scale entertainment and now it has turned into a huge series with followers and fans from around the globe. Entertainments like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has made a revolution in the FPS genre. The latest installment in this series brings an outstanding graphics that can keep the gaming enthusiasts engaged. This is made the best among the series of games mainly because of the advanced weapons. However, each game has its own glitches and if you are planning to get an understanding about some advanced warfare glitches, here are some of them to know for educational purpose:

KillCam Glitch: This will permit you to have a look at different weird graphics. For this you will have to go out of the bounds on a multiplayer arena and then get shot high in the air.

Out of bounds/jump spot glitch: This is one among the advanced warfare glitches, which is located in the multiplayer mode on the ‘recovery’ map, which has jump spots that will drive you out of bounds. Then, you can begin winning people from outside.

Retreat high ledge: This will allow you to double jump from one ledge to a higher level ledge.

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