New Special Character "Noble" Released on Freestyle2: Street Basketball

For hardcore basketball fans that can´t get enough action on a mainstream basketball game, the MMORPG game FreeStyle2:Street Basketball (Freestyle2).

Online PR News – 31-March-2015 – Moscow, Russia – For hardcore basketball fans that can´t get enough action on a mainstream basketball game, the MMORPG game FreeStyle2:Street Basketball (Freestyle2), the successor of the popular FreeStyle1 is here to kick up their feisty-seeking-meter to maximum. Gamers can play in single player or mingle with other ballers to form a team and show off their own freestyle skills, but they should always remember that "teamwork" is the key to winning in Freestyle2. Also, as FreeStyle2 is getting ready to be released on Steam soon, now might be the best time to start playing.

The "Noble" Team - a spoiled young billionaire, a beautiful sole heir and a loyal old man

From the breath-taking Buzzer Beater characters, the West SPC and lastly the sexy Naughty Kitties; another extraordinary team will be added to Freestyle2: Street Basketball to make every match more special and unforgettable!
Introducing a young billionaire, his beautiful tutor and a loyal white-haired old man that will soon rule the Freestyle2 court! A spoiled stubborn young billionaire named Billy, who despite his young age already has the skills comparable to a professional basketball player, formed a team with his loyal butler Robert and his personal tutor Grace. He built his own crew up like a family and together they plan to take over the street basketball.
The "Noble" team is all about TEAMWORK, and making sure their opponents lose their will and pride.

Be the First to have the Best

The "Noble" team will be added to the elite list of Freestyle2 special characters on the mid-end of March.
Players planning to get these cool aristocrats are also advised to check out the limited Special character premium package which will be available for 2 weeks only.
The said package contains a special rare outfit sets for character, VIP Coupon (7 days), 2 skill slots and one card deck.

For further information, players can check the official website here:

About Freestyle2: Street Basketball

Freestyle2: Street Basketball is a Free to Play fast-paced MMO sports PC game. Including Korea, China and United States service, more than 10 million players have played Freestyle2: street basketball in worldwide. In Freestyle2, players meet on virtual courts to challenge each other in a dynamic pick-up game environment, featuring cutting-edge music, fashions and gravity defying basketball moves. Feel the adrenaline as you experience the street style basketball moves and motions than anything ever experienced.

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